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I Voted Cookies

Today is Election Day!

For some, it’s a day we just want to hurry up and pass because we’re so tired of the ads, the negativity, and the annoying friends on Facebook that don’t share the same views as you.

No matter what you stand for or who you darken that little circle for, what’s important to remember is that this day is about FREEDOM!

For some, just having the ability to vote is an honor. Many fought for that right so we need to take pride in it and exercise that right!

I always feel a sense of pride when I wear my “I Voted” sticker all day long. So I made it into a little cookie!

These cookies I decorated a little bit differently than normal. Mostly because I was lazy.

I also rolled the cookies thicker than normal to try a new technique. (I will get to that once I perfect it!)

Instead of outlining and filling these, I set the cookies on a cooling rack over a bowl and poured the icing over them, letting the excess drip down into the bowl. I had to tap a little and pop some air bubbles, but overall it was very fast and easy!

Normally I outline and detail in buttercream. Since I didn’t make many of these and didn’t need a lot of detail (and didn’t outline them) I decided to skip the buttercream all together and do the detailing in thick icing.

The blue didn’t turn out out great because it was a little too thin, but the red I got nice and thick and worked really well. Just killed my hand a bit. Hats off to the 100% glaze users, you have serious talent!!

I hope you took the time to vote today, no matter who or what it was for!



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