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Easy Baseball Cookies

Recently I switched up my icing recipe. (I use this recipe now which happens to be vegan.)

It dries smoother and slightly harder than my previous recipe, without being too crunchy or losing any flavor.

When making these baseball cookies for a friend’s son’s birthday, I decided to try using edible markers – something I couldn’t really do with my old icing. It worked PERFECTLY!

I used a round cookie cutter to get the perfect curve for the stitching…

…and marked the cutter where it met the edge of the cookie. This way the curve was the same size on every single cookie.   Then I just added the stitching, making sure each curve had the same number of stitches. The spacing doesn’t even need to be perfect for the balls to all look great!

I also made some bats to go along with the baseballs.

These were SO easy and stunning and took no time at all!  I will definitely use the markers again for balls instead of piping all of those lines.
My mind is racing with everything else I can do with the markers now!

**Not that you can tell from the pictures, but these cookies are actually gluten free and vegan! I used this recipe for the cookies and these recipes for the buttercream and icing. I just substituted rice flour and rice milk, and used all vanilla extract instead of using almond.



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SF Giants Cookies!

I am so excited that these cookies finally had a reason to happen!

My hubby is a die-hard Giants fan and always has been. Naturally I had the choice to either get on board, or be forever miserable and bored and angry about the TV takeovers. Okay, so I still get that way, but only after so many days in a row.

I really enjoy going to the games, and I have gained quite the wardrobe of black and orange over the last couple years.

These cookies were super fun to make because I was given free range to make whatever I wanted. They are for my coworker’s dinner group, who were having a Giants baseball themed get-together.

I have all the necessary parts.

Balls & Bats…


Some of our boys…











Logos… I made these by printing and cutting out a logo, poking holes in the icing with a toothpick, then connecting the dots.






A couple “Fear the Beard” silhouettes… I made these by just eyeballing it.




… and a couple Pandas! Love these guys.


I’m sure I will be doing these again soon. I have so many more shapes I thought of after I had already finished baking.

Black & Orange!!!














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Yankees Cookies

These were the hardest cookies I have made so far.

And they didn’t go exactly as I had planned.

The request was for Yankees Pinstriped Jerseys, with the birthday boy’s last name across the back. He was turning 30, so that is the number for the jersey.

I have to say – I am not a Yankees fan. I had to google images to make sure I got the design right. The pinstripes go up the sleeves and then down the back. And where they meet, there is no line. That made these especially challenging. Here is how I did the pinstripes:

I had originally planned on doing the pinstripes in food color marker, but I was unable to find a dark blue marker. The one I had was a sky blue and that is not acceptable for Yankees!

After I let the stripes dry, I piped on the name and number 30.

Here they are all ready to go! They were stacked in a white metal bucket for display.

These took a loooong time and my hand was killing me, but I pushed through and made these cookies happen!

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Baby Shower Cookie Favors

From the beginning of the baby shower planning, one thing remained certain – there would be cookies!! I decided to do them as favors instead of dessert because the mommy-to-be wanted cupcakes.

I did baseballs:

And onesies! Have I mentioned how much I love my onesie cookie cutter?!

Each cookie was bagged and tagged and tied with ribbon. I didn’t get any pictures of them bagged. 😦

All those people that I mentioned left early? None of them paid any attention and no one took home cookies!! I left more than half of them with the mommy-to-be, and I actually brought some home with me. (It’s okay because I went to a Giants game the next day so we had baseball cookies to eat there!)

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Baby Shower Cupcakes

Ever since I made rainbow cupcakes I have been doing colored yellow cake every time I make cupcakes. For the baby shower I helped throw, it was the perfect dessert.

The theme of the baby shower was baseball – more specifically Giants vs. Cardinals. The mommy-to-be is a die hard Cardinals fan and the daddy-to-be is a die hard Giants fan. It seemed only fitting!

All decor was red (Cardinals) and orange (Giants) with occasional blue for their little baby boy. The baby shower invitations were designed to look like baseball game tickets. Adorable.

Anyhow, the cupcakes. Half were red and blue (Cardinals) and half were orange and black (giants). The Cardinal cupcakes got red buttercream frosting and a Cardinals pick, and the Giants cupcakes got orange buttercream frosting and a Giants pick.

I want to take a moment to say anyone who has ever made their own cupcake picks – you’re crazy! I am never doing it again! It took forever. Although I have since seen those cute little paper cutters at Michaels that totally would have saved my hand from cutting out all of those stupid little circles! Live and learn…

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Baby Shower #1

This summer there are 2 baby showers I am helping with (and making cookies for!) Both are very good friends of mine, both due in August (within 3 days of each other), both having boys, and both are having sports themed showers!

Shower #1 is a general sports theme. Another good friend of the mom-to-be and myself helped with the cookies, and she brought her cousin too!

*Pause.* I have to be honest up front. I don’t really do sports. I am getting better at getting into baseball for the hubby, but that’s about it. I especially don’t play sports. I won’t even start on how uncoordinated I am, it’s ridiculous. Nevertheless, I thought I knew what all the balls looked like. Good thing I did some google searches for inspiration and didn’t just wing it…

Here are the cutters I used. I had the circle, but bought the rest at cheapcookiecutters.com.

We made baseballs and baseball bats.  I was planning on making the bats brown since I was doing brown already for the footballs (one less color to make, right?) But my husband said NO, they have to be tan. Fine.

Footballs. I like that the laces are on the top rather than the center, it doesn’t look so “fakey.”

Basketballs. Here is where the inspiration came in. If I had done the “wing it” method, I would have done the basketball like this:

Not saying it looks bad, just a little boring. (Don’t mind the crookedness, I just made it in paint to show my point.) Google inspiration gave me an angled look, which is much cuter and I never would have thought of it on my own!

Soccer balls. Similar situation as the basketballs. Except I really just didn’t know what a soccer ball looked like. And after a google search I realized that most people don’t know what a soccer ball looked like. I don’t want to offend anyone specific so instead of giving photo examples, I will just explain and if you care you can do a google search for “soccer ball sugar cookies” and you can see what I am talking about. Most people make the whole ball out of hexagons (6-sides) when in reality, a soccer ball is made up of black pentagons (5-sides) and white hexagons (6-sides). The second inspiration I got from searching for soccer ball cookies is that most people put the first black part in the direct center of the cookie and expand out. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it looks kinda funny. The one photo that I found that had the correct shapes did not center the black part, but rather did it askew. I loved it!

Okay besides all the inspiration above, I wasn’t going to even do soccer balls unless my friend was coming over to help me. I mentioned I don’t do sports.. that would be ESPECIALLY soccer. My friend however, has played her whole life and so she was in charge of the soccer balls. She did a fabulous job!

And lots of onesies! I love my onesie cookie cutter so much!!

A couple more, just cuz they’re my faves:

The cookies fit in perfectly with all the other sports decorations and with the cake!

Phew! While I didn’t make that many cookies, this was quite a project because there were so many different colors and it was hard to plan how much to make of each color so that I didn’t have to make too much icing or buttercream! It worked out nicely and I now know better exactly how much icing is needed to do a certain number of cookies. I learn more every time!

*PS* Are my picture taking skills getting any better? 🙂


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