Baby Shower #1

This summer there are 2 baby showers I am helping with (and making cookies for!) Both are very good friends of mine, both due in August (within 3 days of each other), both having boys, and both are having sports themed showers!

Shower #1 is a general sports theme. Another good friend of the mom-to-be and myself helped with the cookies, and she brought her cousin too!

*Pause.* I have to be honest up front. I don’t really do sports. I am getting better at getting into baseball for the hubby, but that’s about it. I especially don’t play sports. I won’t even start on how uncoordinated I am, it’s ridiculous. Nevertheless, I thought I knew what all the balls looked like. Good thing I did some google searches for inspiration and didn’t just wing it…

Here are the cutters I used. I had the circle, but bought the rest at

We made baseballs and baseball bats.  I was planning on making the bats brown since I was doing brown already for the footballs (one less color to make, right?) But my husband said NO, they have to be tan. Fine.

Footballs. I like that the laces are on the top rather than the center, it doesn’t look so “fakey.”

Basketballs. Here is where the inspiration came in. If I had done the “wing it” method, I would have done the basketball like this:

Not saying it looks bad, just a little boring. (Don’t mind the crookedness, I just made it in paint to show my point.) Google inspiration gave me an angled look, which is much cuter and I never would have thought of it on my own!

Soccer balls. Similar situation as the basketballs. Except I really just didn’t know what a soccer ball looked like. And after a google search I realized that most people don’t know what a soccer ball looked like. I don’t want to offend anyone specific so instead of giving photo examples, I will just explain and if you care you can do a google search for “soccer ball sugar cookies” and you can see what I am talking about. Most people make the whole ball out of hexagons (6-sides) when in reality, a soccer ball is made up of black pentagons (5-sides) and white hexagons (6-sides). The second inspiration I got from searching for soccer ball cookies is that most people put the first black part in the direct center of the cookie and expand out. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it looks kinda funny. The one photo that I found that had the correct shapes did not center the black part, but rather did it askew. I loved it!

Okay besides all the inspiration above, I wasn’t going to even do soccer balls unless my friend was coming over to help me. I mentioned I don’t do sports.. that would be ESPECIALLY soccer. My friend however, has played her whole life and so she was in charge of the soccer balls. She did a fabulous job!

And lots of onesies! I love my onesie cookie cutter so much!!

A couple more, just cuz they’re my faves:

The cookies fit in perfectly with all the other sports decorations and with the cake!

Phew! While I didn’t make that many cookies, this was quite a project because there were so many different colors and it was hard to plan how much to make of each color so that I didn’t have to make too much icing or buttercream! It worked out nicely and I now know better exactly how much icing is needed to do a certain number of cookies. I learn more every time!

*PS* Are my picture taking skills getting any better? 🙂



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2 responses to “Baby Shower #1

  1. SO CUTE! i love the baseballs! and they all look so good together on the plate. i also love that website for cookie cutters. it’s where i found my africa one 🙂

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