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Bridal Shower Lingerie Cookies

I made these for my cousin’s fiance’s bridal shower over the summer. I love how the gold looked with the hot pink!

I know I’ve said this before, but I LOVE making lingerie cookies. I love to make each one unique and I love to watch people pick out their favorites.



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Sexy Undies Cookies

These cookies, believe it or not, were for a man’s 60th birthday! I think they are just perfect for Valentine’s Day though!

I love doing cookies like this because I can do every single one different and unique and yet the whole set goes so well together. And it’s so fun to look at all the designs and try to pick a favorite!

These started out as a heart cookie cutter, and I just cut the tip off to make a nice round canvas. 🙂 And of course I had to do black and red because those are the “sexiest” colors!

I did all kinds of undies…


and some cute bras to go along with them…


The details are what really make them all so different. Dots and bows and ties…


These were so fun to make and I hope they inspire you to make something fun and naughty for Valentines Day too!

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Colorless Lingerie

I have made lingerie cookies a couple times before. Once for Valentine’s Day last year, and again for a bridal shower last summer.

Since then I acquired a new corset cutter, so I had a new design to work with this time. It will take some practice playing with it, but I am pretty happy with the couple that I did.

I also used this opportunity to go for the Colorless Challenge proposed by Georganne of Lilaloa.

It was hard… you have no idea how bad I wanted to throw in some hot pink or bright blue!








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Bridal Shower Lingerie Cookies

Last time I made lingerie it was for Valentines Day.

These were for a bridal shower! Wedding colors are eggplant and taupe. I got permission to throw in some hot pink to make them Pop! There were 3 dozen total, each a little bit different. Here are just a few of them:
















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Lingerie Cookies

So many people told me they love my clothing cookies I did a while back…

Well ladies…I have something new to add to your cookie closet!

I have been dying to make these ever since I bought the cutter months ago.. what better time than Valentine’s day?

Guess what? I was invited (well everyone was) to the Dollhouse Bake Shoppe Virtual Valentine’s Day Party!

Everyone “brings” something to the party, and we all get to marvel at the wonderful things others have contributed.


These sassy cookies are my addition to the virtual party!


Which one is your favorite?

I was favoring the sexy little number above… until I made this one lace up the sides:

I personally think it would be hilarious to tell your hubby you got him lingerie for Valentine’s Day… then see his face when you give him a cookie.

Too mean?


While these wouldn’t be appropriate for kiddos, they would definitely be perfect for a bachelorette or bridal party.

I even made some little hearts to go along with them. A little bit of sparkle adds a whole lotta glam!

I can’t wait for another excuse to make more! I am really kicking myself for only baking 8 this time!

Want to check out everything else that was made for the virtual party? Click here.

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