Clothes Cookies

My aunt was invited to a CAbi party. I had never heard of it, but I got the feeling it was like a Tupperware or Pampered Chef party, only with clothes. (The link explains it a little better.)

She offered to bring cookies. My aunt and I have made cookies together for years. Starting with just Christmas, then blossoming to other holidays. Now she was just going to make the cookies herself, but she thought it would be an awesome idea (and very sweet idea!) to do them together and help me get some promotion!

The only “clothing” cookie cutter I had was my beloved onesie, so I had to look online for other things. I found a very cute dress at

She also wanted a pair of jeans… the only cute pair I could find online was copper, so we broke down and ordered it.

This is where I had to get creative. All of the shirts were cut from my onesie. I cut and shaped some capris from the jeans cutter. From the dress cutter I made some skirts. I also did a couple bathing suits and panties from the onesie cutter.

This was so much fun! It totally reminded me of paper dolls. In the end we had a few sets of pants and tops that matched!

My aunt had to take them home with her when we we done, so I didn’t get to photograph every piece of clothing we did. (Oh and it was about 11pm so that’s why the picture lighting is awful.) Here are some pics of the whole trays…

Here they are at the party, “merchandised by category.”  Haha..

There are some of my signature cookies in the pic above.. and I made extras of the pink daisy cookies so that we could have those with the clothing cookies…

Thank you to my aunt for the great PR! These were so fun to make!


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