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Halloween Treats!

Here all all the Halloween treats I made. These were for our annual Halloween party and for my work potluck. Cookies also went to my husband’s work per special request. They always see pictures, but hadn’t had the chance to taste them until today!

I made Cake Pops… (These are funfetti, with some leftover green frosting from the Pumpkin Cupcakes I made a few days ago. The result was a green center to these little pops!)

Chocolate dipped marshmallows…

… and of course lots of cookies!


and I did some on sticks for testing purposes… I ended up having to do a double cookie, with the stick in between. I roll thinner than most people, and without the second cookie it was way to much of a ‘bump.’


Spider Webs…


Frankensteins… (who are happy!)


Witch shoes… (which are my version of this idea from Sugar Belle)… my laces ended up soaking up some of the black from the shoes. 😦 Oh well, you get the idea…

Candy corn…

Skeletons… (from my gingerbread man cookie cutter by the way)


and a couple Boo!’s 🙂

Here is a photo of the tray my husband took to work with him:

Halloween is one of my favorite cookie holidays… I just wish I could have had a little more time this year. Moving + holiday is a lot of work! Thankfully I will have a minor lull before it gets cRaZyCrAzY for Christmas!! Which is in less than 2 months for those who are trying to block it out! 🙂



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Pumpkin Cupcakes

Halloween cupcake time! These were for kids attending a Christian school, so they couldn’t be anything scary… No jack-o-lanterns, bats, spiders, ghosts, etc. Instead we did just regular pumpkins, without the faces.

I used the same technique for these pumpkins as the paw prints from my Puppy Cupcakes. This time I wanted to add some sprinkles. (Kids love sprinkles!)

Outline the pumpkin…

Fill it all in…

Swish it all around with a toothpick to make it smooth…

Cover it in sprinkles, and shove a little topper in it…

These are the giant confetti sprinkles I used for the toppers. My husband broke them perfectly for me so that they would look like stems.

Aren’t they gorgeous? I got very excited about these 🙂

I found these awesome cupcake boxes at the baking store.

All packed up safely ready to go to school!


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Princess Cookies

Katie is 3 and wanted a princess party!

What better dessert than matching princess cookies!?


Glass slippers..

and crowns with her very own name on them!


These were so fun, I love the girly colors!

Thank you to miss Katie for letting me make these for you 🙂

Birthday girl enjoying a cookie (a day early because she couldn’t wait!)

And older brother too of course!

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S’more Bombs

Who doesn’t  like s’mores? Well, I guess vegans.. but that’s a whole other story.

Last time we went camping, everyone was trying to come up with how I can do a s’more cookie and what I should call it. I haven’t quite gotten there, but this is a good step in the right direction!

This dessert was brought to our friends’ house for dinner get-together. I thought it up just hours beforehand… and it turned out amazing!

I started with crescent rolls broken into the individual triangles, then brushed them with caramel. (The runny kind…)

Gave it a pile of chocolate chips…

Followed by a pile of marshmallows…

**These pictures were taken before I had really done a few. I ended up finding it easier to pile them all in the center and wrap the crescent roll over it.**

I wrapped them up, making sure everything was sealed in as much as possible. Spaced them out on a foil covered baking sheet…

Then brushed the top with honey.

Baked them at 375 for about 12 minutes. They ooze quite a bit, so don’t forget the foil!

My husband said this is like “a chocolate chip cookie on steroids.” 

Think of the possibilities here… nearly anything can be an ingredient packed into these, as long as one of them is melty! I will definitely be doing these again with new ingredients… or maybe a “make your own” kind of thing at a party? Hmm…

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Puppy Cupcakes

I got an email on a Monday wanting to confirm that I was still making puppy cookies for Wednesday. Uhhh I don’t remember ever being asked to make puppy cookies! I was slightly freaking out, not knowing how to respond… I politely said I couldn’t find any correspondence regarding puppy cookies.. and she realized she had forgotten to ask. 🙂 phew!

It was too late to try and make cookies, so I offered to do cupcakes instead. Puppy was the theme, and she asked for them in fall colors. Since I was crunched on time I couldn’t do anything fancy like with fondant or something.. this is what I came up with:

I melted dark chocolate candy melts and loaded it into a squeeze bottle. Squirted it onto wax paper into little circles, smooth it out and then let it harden (which I seem to have no pictures of… except in the corner of the one below!) This was easy peezy!

Then I colored my frosting half orange and half yellow, loaded it into the piping bag a blob at a time of each color. Then it came out all swirly! (It kind of just looks orange here but trust me on the swirly.) Lastly I peeled the circles off the wax paper, and placed them on top the cupcake.

Overall I think the technique worked well and I will definitely be doing it again!

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Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting

Yes, you read that right. Chocolate.

I don’t really like chocolate, which is why I rarely use it. I have never made a chocolate cake/cupcakes, boxed or from scratch. Ever.

Until today.

Why did I do it? Because tonight I am seeing 2 of my best friends, and we are celebrating both of their birthdays. Normally I would do funfetti or something like that, but I happen to know that they both love chocolate.

A while back, someone told me about an amazing chocolate cake recipe. As soon as I decided I wanted to make chocolate, I knew this was the recipe I had to try. Guess where I got it?


That’s right, it’s right on the cocoa box! The recipe says to use 2 9″ pans, but of course I wanted to do cupcakes.

This batter was very runny. Normally home-made recipes are thick, so it was nice to have a pour-able substance!


The recipe for cake said 30-35 minutes, but as cupcakes they were done in my oven after about 21 minutes.

Okay on to the frosting!! I printed out this Marshmallow Frosting recipe almost 5 months ago. I hadn’t tried it yet, but I thought it would go fabulously with the chocolate cupcakes. My husband agreed so I went for it!

If you’re going to try this frosting recipe, either get a man to hold your hand mixer for you, or buy a stand mixer. Because this seriously took forever to get “stiff peaks.” And I’m not even sure I went long enough.

It seriously tastes like ooey gooey mashmallows!

And the cupcakes are awesome!

For someone who doesn’t like chocolate, I was impressed. It was moist and just the right amount of chocolate – – not too rich or too sweet.

I asked my husband and friends to judge it for me, and all they had to say was “it’s good.” Not much of a review for the blog, but it’s all I could get them to say. They did have more than one each if that counts for anything?

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