Angel Food Cupcakes

My mommy’s birthday was last week and her favorite is angel food cake. Last year’s was a fun twist, but I wanted to do something different this time.

I don’t own a tube pan for baking angel food cake, so I had to get creative. I also had to do some research on angel food. Let’s learn a bit, shall we?

Angel food cake is mostly made of egg whites, which makes it uber light and fluffy. The tube pan ensures that the cake is heated equally from all sides at the same rate. The tube pan cannot be non-stick, as the cake needs to be able to cling to the sides as it rises. After it is baked, it has to be cooled upside down, or else the cake will collapse in on itself and the cake will not be as light and fluffy as possible. The cake has to be cut from the sides of the pan to be released, so a bundt pan cannot be used as it will be nearly impossible to remove from the pan.

Okay all details aside, I decided to try and make cupcakes. I was going to go paperless and then try to dry the cupcakes upside down… but when I got home and looked at the angel food cake mix (ahem, Betty Crocker) there was a cupcake recipe right on the side of the box! So I made them like regular cupcakes, and yes they did collapse a little, but they were still light and tasted amazing.


For the frosting I wanted something light (exnay on the uttercreambay) but I didn’t really want to do whipped cream because (don’t hate me) I don’t like whipped cream… So I decided to revisit this marshamllow frosting recipe I made a while back for these chocolate cupcakes.


It was the perfect light fluffy texture to go with the light fluffy cupcake. Top it with a couple pieces of strawberry and they were perfect!



Mom approved!




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3 responses to “Angel Food Cupcakes

  1. Your dollops of marshmallow are perfect!! What a light and summery cupcake 🙂

  2. What a lovely treat idea for your Mom’s birthday. They look wonderful and I bet that marshmallow frosting was amazing.

  3. Samantha

    These look really yummy!

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