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Life Lately

I’ve been quite absent from my poor little blog.

These boys keep me so busy!

I have some fun things to share and others coming soon, so hopefully I can start posting more frequently!

In the meantime you can stay more up-to-date with me on Instagram!


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StitchFix (Post Baby #2)

Dang it StitchFix, why do you have to be so good?! I truely wanted to keep everything in this box! Unfortunately I couldn’t afford it all so I had a tough decision to make!


These jeans were comfy! Just the right amount of stretch to hug me well. Especially surprising since I received this box less than 2 months after having a baby! I didn’t keep these because I just didn’t really feel like I needed another pair of jeans at this time. 


I want to cry looking at this sweater. I loved it so much, but didn’t keep it. Tough decisions I tell you. It was warm and soft, but cute enough I could’ve worn it to work. The front was wrap style so I seriously wanted to just cuddle into it like a blanket. 

As you can see, taking these pictures can be difficult with a toddler…


My husband said this shirt wasn’t “me.” It was super soft fabric and so comfy. Hides the tummy well too. I liked it but he didn’t. Husband’s opinions matter. Sometimes. I sent it back. 


I loooove this top. The detail on the top is amazing. Perfect for work or a night out or anything. And black pairs with everything. I wanted to cry a little as I packed it back into the bag. It wasn’t as practical as the next piece and I could only keep 1. *tear*  


This is the top I decided to keep. It looks plain, but that’s one of the reasons I kept it. Practical. Soft and stretchy and long. Long enough for leggings. And black goes with everything! Also, it’s about to be fall and the longer sleeves will allow me to wear it for longer. 

As always, loved my fix!

Have you tried StitchFix yet?! You totally should!

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StitchFix (Post Baby!)

I first started StitchFix after I had my first baby. I had NO IDEA how to dress my post baby body. After my first few fixes I was totally hooked! The more details you give your stylist, the better they get to know you. 

I recently have been posting my StitchFix maternity boxes I’d been receiving. I only got them for a few months because I had a ton of maternity clothes, but I got some great things! (See the posts here, here, and here.)

Now that I’ve had my second little baby, I started my fixes back up again. (It’s so awesome how easy it is to stop and start them up anytime!) This is my first Fix post baby!

The top above is my favorite! The colors are perfect for me, and the fabric is soft and flowy. It looks great over a cami, and that makes it super easy to nurse in. 

I loved this top too. Such a fun bright color. I love that the side is split in 2 layers. The sleeves are sheer and have some texture to them. This will definitely be great once I return to work!

I liked this top too, though I decided not to keep it. It was slightly sheer with a lace detail pattern. It looked cute over this red tank. It also helped hide the post-baby tummy. I only sent it back because I needed to limit myself to 2 items. 

This dress is the maxi version of the grey dress I kept from this Fix. I absolutely loved the grey dress, but the maxi version didn’t work well for my tummy. I think the pattern on the grey one helped with bumps and bulges too. 

I sent the necklace back because it wasn’t really my style. It’s reversible, which was pretty cool. 

Glad to be back to StitchFix! Have you tried it yet?

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Introducing Baby Levi

I had my second baby on July 7th. Meet my little Levi!

 Well, little relatively speaking. I mean, all newborns are little. But my big boy was 10 lbs 1 oz. He looks like he’s much older than he is. 😂

 He looks pretty much like Carter’s twin. Only differences are hair line and hair color. Eye color is still to be determined. 

Carter is an amazing big brother. He is always kissing Levi’s head, just like he used to kiss my belly. He is so helpful, especially fetching diapers or whatever else I need. As soon as he wakes up or gets picked up from daycare he’s always asking for Levi right away. They melt my heart!


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Stitch Fix Maternity #3

I recently received my 3rd Stitch Fix Maternity box! I was delighted to find that I loved ALL 5 items! I kept them all and enjoyed my 25% discount!

Here we go…

I absolutely love this dress. It may not be maternity but fits perfectly even with a big round belly. Fabric is so soft and so comfy.

This shirt. I love the cut in the front. So many maternity shirts are high on the neck/chest and unflattering. The ruffle is girly and cute for work but casual enough for weekends too. It’s very comfy and lots of room to grow.

This is a comfy and perfect maternity basic. It’s nice and long, stretchy, and lots of room for bumpie growth. Look how big I’ve gotten since last month!

Love this cardigan. The color is perfect for me. The fabric is soft and stretchy, and light enough for summer but perfect for indoor AC at work. We freeze sometimes at work so items like this are ESSENTIAL.

These earrings were my 5th item. I love how simple and delicate they are, but still cute and can easily go with a dressier outfit. I don’t always like to wear necklaces and so I have been trying to make an effort to remember earrings everyday.

What a successful box, right?!

Click here to sign up for StitchFix for yourself!


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Stitch Fix Maternity #2

Each of these pictures I’m pairing the top I got in my StitchFix with these amaaaaazing maternity skinny jeans I got at H&M. They are my absolute favorite. I kinda wish I could just wear them everyday.

This first cardigan I absolutely LOVE. I was in need of something “outerwear” that was Navy blue and this is perfect. It’s not too thick but not too thin, and has this fun pattern on the inside. The sleeves were a tad long so I cuffed them out, and then realized that I think they’re supposed to be like that. This isn’t maternity but works perfectly over my maternity tops. Definitely keeping this.IMG_8617



This caridgan fit me a little funny. The sleeves seemed like they were too short. If I would have shifted to any other position they would have been about an inch or two from my wrist. The sweater is super thick so it would be great for winter, but I don’t like the “hairy” look of it. The colors and pattern are great though, and I love the way it drapes down the front. I didn’t keep it.




This top was technically not maternity, but fit over the bump because of the poncho style. I felt like it was super unflattering and just didn’t work for me. Not keeping.






This top is light and comfy. I prefer my maternity tops to be more form fitting, but it wasn’t too loose to make me feel like it was unflattering. And the back is SO SO cute! It’s perfect material for dressing up for a night out, or dressing down with my polka dot toms. Decided to keep this one.




My fifth item was a scarf, and I just don’t really do scarves. I let them keep sending them to me thinking if I like one of them enough I would try to make it happen, but every time I end up sending it back. After this time I decided to give up, and I changed my profile so they don’t send me scarves anymore. 🙂

Click here to sign up for StitchFix for yourself!

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Stitch Fix Maternity

I know this is weird and totally not dessert related. Let me explain.

Stitch Fix, in case you haven’t heard of it before, is basically a personal styling service. You pay a monthly fee of $20, and you get a box once a month with 5 items in it. You get to try them on at home, pair them with things you already own, and get your spouse’s input without having to drag them to the store. 😉

You pick which items you want to keep, and send the rest back. They even give you a pre-paid envelope that fits right in your mailbox. So easy. Then you check out online and pay for your items. The $20 styling fee gets deducted from whatever you decide to keep. If you send all items back, all you pay is the styling fee. If you keep all 5 items, there’s a 25% discount! They send clothes mostly, but also jackets, jewelry, and scarves.

You can leave a personal note such as “I have a Christmas party coming up, send all dresses” or ask for a specific item like a certain brand of pants you loved from your box the month before.

You can also create a Pinterest board with clothing that you love and they actually look at it and try to find things similar to things you’ve pinned. How cool is that?!

Anyway, I’ve been doing Stitch Fix for probably over a year now. I recently left a note asking for no pants or bottoms, and flowy-er tops because I’m in early pregnancy. I also let them know that the next box would probably be my last until after baby.

To my surprise, Stitch Fix now does maternity! There’s always a little note from your stylist, and she let me know, so I went online and updated my Stitch Fix profile. They even ask for your due date so they can keep track of how far along you are.

Immediately I started scouring the interwebs for “Stitch Fix maternity.” Every result I got said something like “even though Stitch Fix doesn’t exactly do maternity…” and went on about how you can make certain things work or tailor your box to your current needs. So now Stitch Fix does do maternity… This must be BRAND NEW! So since I couldn’t find anything, I decided to be the place other searchers will find. Stitch Fix DOES DO MATERNITY NOW!

So I thought I would share what I received in my first Stitch Fix Maternity box! Here we go….

This cardigan was huge on me. I liked the colors a lot and the style, so I was a little disappointed. It has pockets in the front too. This particular cardigan might not technically be maternity (I don’t know if it is or not), but it doesn’t matter. Cardigans are perfect for maternity because you can wear any maternity shirt with it. I was pregnant last time in the summer so all of my shirts are short-sleeved or sleeveless. I sent this back. It was just too big.

I really liked the colors and pattern of this shirt. I also love that it comes down to a V in the front. I wasn’t a big fan of the band at the bottom. My belly got pretty big last time so I don’t think this would fit for long. I sent this back.

I LOVE this sweater. It’s light but still warm, and will fit for a while. The color looks brown here, but it’s really more of a dark purple. I prefer brighter colors, but it’s not bad. I kept it.

These pants. As you can tell, they’re pretty tight. Really comfy, but a little too “skinny” as far as skinny jeans go. The top is amazing though. The stretch bands are to the side, so I think they would stay up better than most maternity pants do. I sent these back.

This dress I don’t think is technically maternity. The front-view on the left is the dress pulled down where it’s supposed to sit. The band it right across the top of my belly. Not comfortable and probably wouldn’t fit for long. In the front-view on the right I kind of hiked the dress up a little bit. It fit a lot better and was more comfortable. As dresses with pregnant bellies go, if they’re not maternity they just shorten in the front as you grow. And that’s exactly how this one would go. If I wasn’t pregnant I probably would have kept the dress. Cute for a night out or for a holiday party.


If you don’t do Stitch Fix, you should try it! Whether pregnant or not. 😉 Clicking on any of the links above will take you to the site via my referral link.


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Big News!

Baby #2 is on the way!

I’ve been feeling great most of the time. So little symptoms I almost forget I’m pregnant! (While you’d think that’s good it also causes anxiety at times!)

No cravings to really speak of yet, and no particular aversions either. Certain things just don’t sound good at certain times. But that’s normal for most people anyways. 😜

I am definitely getting bigger faster this time. It started getting pretty hard to hide at work, so I ended up just having to come out and tell everyone. Most of them said they already suspected.

My little guy is 15 months, and will be 21 months when I deliver in June. I love that they’ll be so close in age, but it will definitely be challenging too.

I look forward to the year to come and plan on sharing a little bit more about myself, my journey, and my experiences. If that’s okay!


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Christmas Cookies

A little late but better late than never right?










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4th Bloggy Birthday


Today is my 4th bloggy birthday. I can’t even believe it’s been that long!

Unfortunately I have been too busy making other things to make a blog birthday treat, so nothing to share today. But lots of new stuff coming soon!

As always, thanks for following, thanks for reading, thanks for everything!

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