Stitch Fix Maternity #3

I recently received my 3rd Stitch Fix Maternity box! I was delighted to find that I loved ALL 5 items! I kept them all and enjoyed my 25% discount!

Here we go…

I absolutely love this dress. It may not be maternity but fits perfectly even with a big round belly. Fabric is so soft and so comfy.

This shirt. I love the cut in the front. So many maternity shirts are high on the neck/chest and unflattering. The ruffle is girly and cute for work but casual enough for weekends too. It’s very comfy and lots of room to grow.

This is a comfy and perfect maternity basic. It’s nice and long, stretchy, and lots of room for bumpie growth. Look how big I’ve gotten since last month!

Love this cardigan. The color is perfect for me. The fabric is soft and stretchy, and light enough for summer but perfect for indoor AC at work. We freeze sometimes at work so items like this are ESSENTIAL.

These earrings were my 5th item. I love how simple and delicate they are, but still cute and can easily go with a dressier outfit. I don’t always like to wear necklaces and so I have been trying to make an effort to remember earrings everyday.

What a successful box, right?!

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2 responses to “Stitch Fix Maternity #3

  1. Dani

    Hi!! I just wanted to say that I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog! I just discovered stitch fix, but am hesitant to try it. We plan on having baby #3 sometime next year so I think it’s awesome that they offer maternity clothes now! I have a hard time finding ones I love so I think this would be a good thing to try. Can I ask, how much the items you love are? Just for reference? I know you can narrow down your price point, but I am just curious. Thanks so much for sharing and congratulations!

    • it really depends what the item is. jewelry and accessories probably range from $24-36, shirts $24-60 depending on fabric and detail, dresses tend to be $45+ depending on length and detail, and pants are usually a bit more, $60+. remember the $20 monthly fee is deducted from your purchase. imo, the quality and uniqueness of the items, as well as the convenience of having them sent to you make it worth it to splurge on 1-5 items per month! and if you get lucky and love all 5 items they take an additional 25% of the grand total.

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