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Unicorn Smash Cake

I made this cake for my tiny babe’s Unicorn First Birthday Party.

Unicorn cakes are “all the rage” right now. You can find them on Instagram and Pinterest and just about anywhere. I really wanted to make one for the party but I knew I needed to be reasonable with my skill level.

Cakes are not exactly my thing. They stress me out and there’s only 1 so if you mess it up there’s no extra to fall back on. Smash cakes on the other hand are smaller and don’t need to be perfect because the baby is just going to mess it up anyway!

I did a funfetti cake and frosted the outside in white with a little bit of pink streaks. (Which may or may not have been an accident.)

I wrapped the colors separately and added them all to the piping bag together to create this colored look.

I used a big star tip and piped swirls for the unicorn’s mane, then filled in the holes with stars.

Once I felt like the mane had a good flow, I sprinkled it with iridescent sparkles. It’s hard to capture in pictures but it was so pretty!

I made the ears and horn from cookies. I baked the horn on a stick so that I could easily put it on and take it off of the cake when it was time. I outlined and filled the cookies in white, plus a little pink for the ears. The horn, once dry, I painted in silver luster dust. I really like this one because you don’t have to mix it, it’s already ready to go.

I piped eyes and eyelashes on the unicorn and once they were dry I painted them in silver luster dust.

Overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

I think she liked it!

If you want to see more of my smash cakes, check out these links!

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Mustache Cookie Pops

Mustaches are “in.”

Don’t know how something like that became a trend, but they’re everywhere!

AD loves mustaches. So for her birthday we put together some fun mustache pops!


I only have 1 mustache cutter, which I used for my Lorax Cookies early last year. I used this cutter, along with a couple others to come up with a few different creative mustache shapes.

My new favorite way to ice cookies is to pour the icing over them over bowl like this:


I make sure all the sides are covered, then just tap the excess off. Once it starts to set a bit, I move them to a wax paper lined baking sheet.


I used this method to ice the small cookies I made here and here.

Then I just added some details with black and brown buttercream. (This was the fun part!)




Here is the birthday girl with her mustache!


… and this is Mallory, who you met last year when she made us fun red velvet donuts!


…and the rest of the gang!



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Tonka Truck Cookies

The first and second times I have ever been asked to make cookies on sticks, were for parties on the same day, and both were trucks!

These were for a baby shower, and the theme was dump tricks. I did a Tonka style yellow dump truck.

The baby’s name is Teddy, which I wrote on the side of the trucks in Tonka style lettering, in navy blue – the color of the shower.

For the delivery, I wrapped styrofoam blocks in wrapping paper, and stuck the trucks on display!

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Deere Tractor Cookies

One of my mom’s good friends was throwing her grandson’s 1st birthday party and asked me to make cookie favors for the event. Here is the invitation:

So cute!! The tires are made of foam..

I found a tractor cookie cutter at cheapcookiecutters.com. She asked that they be on sticks, which is something I had never done before. (I had practiced with my Halloween cookies here.)

For it to work well with my cookies, I had to basically roll the dough extra thin, and do 2 layers of cookie surrounding the stick. Worked out nicely, and the cookies just came out a little thicker than I normally do.

Since the tractors were a little lob-sided shaped, I had to do them sideways on the sticks.

Accompanying the tractors I also did a few lonely tractor tires. I decided to add a little sparkle to these to brighten them up.

Love how hey turned out!

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Halloween Treats!

Here all all the Halloween treats I made. These were for our annual Halloween party and for my work potluck. Cookies also went to my husband’s work per special request. They always see pictures, but hadn’t had the chance to taste them until today!

I made Cake Pops… (These are funfetti, with some leftover green frosting from the Pumpkin Cupcakes I made a few days ago. The result was a green center to these little pops!)

Chocolate dipped marshmallows…

… and of course lots of cookies!


and I did some on sticks for testing purposes… I ended up having to do a double cookie, with the stick in between. I roll thinner than most people, and without the second cookie it was way to much of a ‘bump.’


Spider Webs…


Frankensteins… (who are happy!)


Witch shoes… (which are my version of this idea from Sugar Belle)… my laces ended up soaking up some of the black from the shoes. 😦 Oh well, you get the idea…

Candy corn…

Skeletons… (from my gingerbread man cookie cutter by the way)


and a couple Boo!’s 🙂

Here is a photo of the tray my husband took to work with him:

Halloween is one of my favorite cookie holidays… I just wish I could have had a little more time this year. Moving + holiday is a lot of work! Thankfully I will have a minor lull before it gets cRaZyCrAzY for Christmas!! Which is in less than 2 months for those who are trying to block it out! 🙂


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