Australia Cookies

A friend/coworker’s daughter (Mallory!) is leaving for a 6-month exchange program in Australia. Her mom asked me to make her some cookies as a surprise.


I used a teddy bear cutter that came in my Wilton baby set (top cookie) but I turned it upsidedown to make my koalas. Koalas have big ears ya know!


To get an idea of my design, I first sketched it out on the cookie with a yellow food color marker.



Then I outlined all the cookies in black. I will be doing this more often, it made my life 1000 times easier.


I also made some kangaroos!


I teased everyone on fb with this photo of my colors… I didn’t realize how many things could be made with browns and greys until everyone started guessing!


I filled in my little koalas’ bellies, chins, and ears with light grey and let it dry a bit.


Then I came back and filled in the grey. The ears were tricky because I didn’t want to lose the “fluff” definition I made with my black.


So cute already!


Once the grey had dried a little I added some eyes and filled in the noses.


The kangaroos got filled in with brown and light tan for the bellies.


I added a little mouth to a couple of the koalas.

Bye Mallory!! You’re going to have an amazing time!



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9 responses to “Australia Cookies

  1. Marcie

    Holy Hell those are cute!!!!

  2. Wow, the upside down Teddy Bear is a perfect Koala! How cute! Thanks for sharing that!!!

  3. How exciting for your friend Mallory. She’s going to love these cookies. I hope she saves some for the plane trip and shows them off to everyone on the flight 🙂

  4. These are amazing! I love that you had the vision to see a koala in an upside down teddy bear! I never would have seen that…you’re so creative! Both the koala and kangaroo are perfect. Great job Carrie!

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