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Rapunzel Cookies

I made these cookies for a sweet Tangled/Rapunzel themed party. Tangled is one of my favorite Disney movies so I was super excited to make these!

I stopped doing characters a while back because it stressed me out way too much. Instead I offered to do things that definitely symbolize the movie without having to do actual character faces.

I did a big yellow sun, because the sun is the basis for all the magic in the movie:

A couple different bright colored flowers…

…and these sweet little purple 5’s with a long golden braid.

This was such a fun set to make! I think next time I will have to add a little green chameleon to the mix! ūü¶é


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Cowgirl Cookies

These cookies were made for a very good friend of mine. We’ve known each other since 1st or 2nd grade. A couple years ago I “introduced” her to a coworker of mine, and they are set to be married in September!

(I’m hoping I can make it to the wedding, it’s 4 days before my due date! Either this baby needs to come pretty early or on time or late for me to be able to make it. Luckily it’s in town so even if I’m still carrying baby I should be able to make it!)

Anyway, these cookies were for her cowgirl themed bridal shower. The wedding colors are orange and deep royal purple.

Here is a pic of the invitation:


I liked the brown, so I decided to go with that for my accent color on the boots.


There are three kinds of flowers going to be used for the wedding: orange gerbera daisies, orange roses, and (my favorite!) tiger lilies. Unfortunately I don’t have a cutter for a tiger lily, and my only rose cutter included a stem and leaf and I didn’t want to have to mix green as well… so I went with the ever easy, ever stunning gerbera daisy.

Instead of outlining the whole flower ahead of time and filling each section individually, I decided to do the whole thing, then add the outlines afterward. I did every other petal, then came back and added the remaining petals. I used a boo boo stick (a toothpick would work) to smooth together the touching petals, then added the yellow center at the end.



I love how simple and fun these turned out to be!

For the party I also made cupcakes. The bride requested chocolate and funfetti cupcakes. I frosting the chocolate cupcakes (recipe here) with bright orange roses.

20130724-105620.jpg The funfetti cupcakes were frosted in a bright purple swirl. I used a brand-new homemade recipe, which will be in the next post!



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Pink Daisy Cookies

Star of the week at school again – this time for the older sister of the butterfly cookies. Pink was a must, and daisies were the shape of choice.

I love my daisy cutter! (Found at an antique fair.)

I planned on doing centers like the purple daisies I did awhile back, but after just one cookie my hand was killing me and it didn’t look as cute. The swirl lets you see all the sprinkles anyway! (Kids love sprinkles!)

All bagged up and ready to go!

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Summer Flowers

My mom bought me this cookie cutter from an antique fair:

Super cute little tulip! I had some leftover dough from a batch of cookies yesterday so I made a few…

Whenever I’m not restrained by specific colors I always seem to do pink… maybe because everyone I know that’s having babies is having boys!

I also did a cookie for my neighbor’s 2 year old daughter.¬†I brought her some cupcakes a couple months ago and her mom said she now points towards my house and tells her mom in a very serious tone “Mommy, I need cupcakes.” Haha…

How cute would these be next to the purple daisies I did a couple weeks ago… Garden party anyone?

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More Cookies!

I’m not crazy. There is a reason I have been randomly making tons of different cookies. I also have a confession.

The cookies I have been doing in the past, and up to just a week ago, have been made from this:

Seeing as I am trying to sell my cookies, I thought it was wrong to be making them from a bag. I have not had time to just “play” and find a good recipe because I had been making cookies for people and I didn’t want to experiment until they were for no reason at all.

I started in a safe place – my mom’s recipe box. My mom hasn’t made sugar cookies since I was probably in middle school, maybe even before that. She doesn’t have the patience for rolling out dough and dealing with stickiness. The recipe she had was her mom’s from when she used to make cookies. The result? It was okay. Held up its shape well, and was easy to roll once it warmed a bit (it was seriously a rock when it came out of the fridge). The cookie wasn’t as sweet as the Betty stuff, which can be a good thing since I use so much icing… but it was actually too flour-y I think. It tasted more like a shortbread or biscuit.

A few days later I decided I needed to try again. I have a HUGE cookie order coming up and I need to start baking and freezing ASAP. The next recipe was a complete success. Like, best sugar cookie I’ve ever had. I might tweak it a bit to make it my own, but it’s so good the way it is. You can find it here. That woman is a genius I tell you!

Anyway – to the cookies!

These I made for a very special reason… our offer just got accepted on a house! We have a busy and hard couple months in front of us, but I can’t wait! My house cutter is NOT cute. It is from a¬†Halloween¬†set so it’s¬†technically¬†a haunted house. I did the best I could…

These cuties are for a special mom who just gave birth on Friday night. Her shower cookies can be found here. I used my circle cookie cutter and then chopped the heads off of little gingerbread men for the ears.

The rest are just for fun!

my attempt at a flip-flop cookie. I don’t have a cutter so I used my easter egg and fit a couple pieces together.

The color is better in the first flower picture above, but the dots look better in this one. I will definitely be making more of these they’re easy and so cute!

These are sort of a fail.. I tried to do this, but they didn’t come out as cute as hers. Maybe it would have helped if I would have looked at the picture and done it right!

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