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Rapunzel Cookies

I made these cookies for a sweet Tangled/Rapunzel themed party. Tangled is one of my favorite Disney movies so I was super excited to make these!

I stopped doing characters a while back because it stressed me out way too much. Instead I offered to do things that definitely symbolize the movie without having to do actual character faces.

I did a big yellow sun, because the sun is the basis for all the magic in the movie:

A couple different bright colored flowers…

…and these sweet little purple 5’s with a long golden braid.

This was such a fun set to make! I think next time I will have to add a little green chameleon to the mix! šŸ¦Ž


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Sunshine Cookies!

Here in Sacramento it has been yucky weather for the last couple weeks… lots of clouds, lots of rain, and wind mixed in there too. It’s JUNE! Sacramento isn’t supposed to be like this! IĀ  had some leftover dough after doing the graduation cookies last week so I decided to make some sunshine cookies to try to make the clouds disappear and bring on our usual sunny springtime!

I used my spiderweb cookie cutter from my halloween set. And I didn’t feel like making buttercream for just 19 cookies, so I did the outlining in a thicker version of my regular icing (similar to the way the pros do it with royal icing). I used golden yellow and some orange to make them bright and cheery, then ran a toothpick through them for the “firework” look. I did each one different to make a plate of FUN unique sunshine!

Since I did each cookie different, each felt like a work of art. After I finished each one, I would make my husband come look at how beautiful it was. He was trying to play his video games and I don’t think he appreciated the interuptions every 2 minutes…

Here are a couple close-ups:

This one was my favorite…

I forgot to take a picture of the cookies on the bright red platter so I took one on my phone and it turned out TERRIBLE, so you don’t get to see it. Just imagine it looking amazing. šŸ™‚

*The cookies worked! The sun was out all day and it got close to 80 degrees!!*

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