Deere Tractor Cookies

One of my mom’s good friends was throwing her grandson’s 1st birthday party and asked me to make cookie favors for the event. Here is the invitation:

So cute!! The tires are made of foam..

I found a tractor cookie cutter at She asked that they be on sticks, which is something I had never done before. (I had practiced with my Halloween cookies here.)

For it to work well with my cookies, I had to basically roll the dough extra thin, and do 2 layers of cookie surrounding the stick. Worked out nicely, and the cookies just came out a little thicker than I normally do.

Since the tractors were a little lob-sided shaped, I had to do them sideways on the sticks.

Accompanying the tractors I also did a few lonely tractor tires. I decided to add a little sparkle to these to brighten them up.

Love how hey turned out!


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  1. linda Bennett

    Hi I was wondering how I could go about to place a order for the tractor cookies…thanks

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