Beach Cookies

  Crab Feed cookies! I try to do something different every year. Here are some past years’ cookies:

Crab Claw Cookies – 2014

Sea Creature Cookies – 2013

Under the Sea Cookies – 2012

This year I fell in love with some beach cookies I saw on Pinterest. I combined a few different ideas to make these. I love how they turned out!

I used my outline buttercream and squeezed some random squiggles on the beach. 

Then using a flat tipped paint brush (new or food only of course), dabbed the frosting all around to create a textured surface. 

For the waves a used a “brush embroidery” technique I’ve been wanting to try. Typically this is done with royal icing so I wasn’t sure it would work with my buttercream, but it worked great! 

Piped a small right zigzag across the edge of the beach, then using another flat tipped paint brush, brushed away half of the line of frosting. This created a perfect lapping wave look!


Once the beach was dry, I piped a tiny little crab on each one. They might look pinchy but I think they are just too cute!!
These might be my favorite crab feed cookies to date!




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