Fireball Frosting

This frosting is awesome.

Seriously awesome.


I used my regular buttercream recipe, but substituted 1/2 the vanilla for cinnamon oil. They’re just a tad spicy, but not too hot to finish the rest of the cupcake. Or 5 more after that.


I used it on plain white mini cupcakes here because I wanted the frosting to be the star. Not that it wouldn’t be anyway.

If you love cinnamon, you must get some cinnamon oil and flavor your life accordingly.


There will be more cinnamon to come soon, I promise you that.



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7 responses to “Fireball Frosting

  1. Janette Johnson

    I love cinnamon and they were great! One of my favorites that I’ve ever tried.

  2. These look so yummy! I made a buttercream with a bit of Goldschläger once – holy yum! 🙂

  3. Um, LOVE. I love cinnamon flavored stuff and Fireballs rule. This frosting looks amazing!!

  4. Fun!! Sounds yummy and they have a gorgeous red color to them 🙂

  5. I love the colour of your frosting and being a lover of cinnamon, this has me really intrigued.

  6. lisathebearfootbaker

    Cinnamon is one of my favorites!! Ordering cinnamon oil now!! Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe!!!

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