Easy Buttercream Recipe

I realized I have never actually posted my buttercream recipe, so I need to get it up here. I will go back and link everything.


1 16 oz package of powdered sugar  (if you can get it in a bag instead of a box, it’s cheaper!!)

1 stick of butter (room temperature)

3 tablespoons of milk

2 teaspoons  vanilla

Mix all ingredients together with a hand mixer or the paddle attachment on a stand mixer. Once everything is incorporated, scrape the sides down with a spatula. Then mix some more. I usually mix it about a minute or so. It gets fluffier and it makes it easier to spread on a cake.

That is all. =)

Easy right? You can mix in food coloring if you want… I made strawberry buttercream using this recipe and substituted all of the milk and 1/2 the vanilla for fresh strawberry puree. It ended up needing a tad of milk to make it wetter, but still very easy!

Hope you enjoy!



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2 responses to “Easy Buttercream Recipe

  1. Vanessa

    I used your recipe yesterday for my cake (which you already saw 🙂 ) it worked wonderfully and was indeed easy butter cream! I doubled it to cover my entire cake. And had some left over 🙂

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