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My Signature Cookie

I have been wanting to make this cookie for awhile now. It’s the idea I came up with for my “signature cookie.” How did I come up with it? Not sure really, all I know is I was sleeping. Yes I dream about cookies… and cakes… don’t judge me.

My husband said “I don’t get it” when I explained what it was going to be. So I made up an explanation for why it works as my signature cookie. So here it is:

I make cookies… & cakes… & cupcakes.. & strawberries…. & more!

Works, right? 🙂

In my dream it was a tiffany blue cookie with a white ampersand, but when it came time to make it I went with white because it’s the easiest to make and if I am going to be making these a lot I want them to be easy! The cutter I used I bought at an antique fair. I also just bought a biscuit/cookie cutter set that has one a tad bigger I might do next time. The little ones are cute though!

I want to take a minute to give MAJOR props to Sweet Sugar Belle for her icing color chart. There is no way I could have made this perfect tiffany blue, or any of the other colors I made last week without her chart! So thanks Sugar Belle!!


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