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New Cake Pans

This cake I made just to use my new cake pans. I bought 2 6″x2″ circles, so that I can make “mini” cakes. I used quotes because this cake did not come out so mini…

I did boxed funfetti cake cuz it’s easy and fast and I was making it at a friend’s house. When she picked me up from my house, we had agreed upon brownies, so I didn’t bring any of my baking “stuff” with me. When we changed our mind, we went to buy the cake pans that I had been wanting to get this weekend anyways. Turns out she doesn’t own an electric hand mixer. I was soo mortified, but I had to buy frosting in a can – something I swore I would never do again!

However, it turned out tasty of course. And we paired it with some ice cream. Such a perfect combination!

I filled each pan 2/3 the way, which used up all of the cake mix. Hence the cake wasn’t so mini after all. In the future I would do less batter in each pan so that the layers are quite so thick… then my cakes will be a bit more mini looking.


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