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Baby Shower Giant Cupcake

The original plan was to make cupcakes for dessert, and cookies for favors. The mommy-to-be’s mom asked if there would also be a cake, which got me thinking a cake is kind of necesary for photos and such. I decided to go with a giant cupcake for the cake. Only a few hiccups with this one… okay I am minimalizing it. The cake was sort of a disaster. At least for me.

I bought 2 boxes of yellow cake mix. One for the cupcakes, and one for the cake. Then at 5am the day of baking (day before the shower) I am wide awake and I realize that this is silly. Everything will taste the same! So I decide to make homemade funfetti cake for the cake and leave the yellow cake for the cupcakes.

I had a funfetti recipe** I was dying to try, and how cute would it be with all blue sprinkles! So that was the plan. But then Michael’s didnt have blue sprinkles. Only jimmies without blue at all (too girly) and sugar crystals which I didn’t think would work well baked in a cake for funfetti… So I went to Ross to look for sprinkles. (Sounds like a weird place to look, but I have bought good stuff there before!) The sprinkles they had were good. Not perfect, but good. They were jimmies in red, blue, green, and purple. Ugh the purple was not going to work. So what does my crazy head do? I pick out all the purple ones. Yes I did. Totally crazy.

I baked up my homemade funfetti giant cupcake… it came out of the oven and was so small! It was then that I realized something. Last time I made a giant cupcake I used 2 boxes of mix (because 1 was too small) and there was just leftover batter I used for cupcakes. So here I had 24 cupcakes (one box of mix) and a giant cupcake that might feed 8 people? That’s 32 people served and I was told there would be 43ish people there.  This is why I made cake pops also. Again, crazy. But I’m glad I did – they were amazing!

Back to the giant cupcake. I leveled off the base, and slapped on some dark blue buttercream that was leftover from the cookies. While leveling off the top, it started to fall apart. Bottom was done is white buttercream, and the top in light blue. Everything can be fixed with more frosting though right? Eh, it’s up for debate.

I tried doing the bottom with my star tip rather than spreading and piping skinny lines as I have done before. I think I rushed it because there were some gaps…

The best part of it all?! Some people didn’t show up… others came and didn’t eat anything… and some left before gifts were unwrapped and didn’t eat any dessert! So this poor little lovely disaster cake didn’t even get cut. 😦 😦  So I don’t have any pictures of the inside of the cake. You’ll have to just trust me that’s it’s funfetti without purple sprinkles!

**The recipe, which I was dying to try, will not be tagged or linked here. In my opinion, it wasn’t very good at all and I don’t want to slander someone else’s recipe. I was so disappointed after reading the rave reviews from the blog I saw it on. I have come across another that I will try, so funfetti might end up on this blog again!


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