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Cotton Candy Marshmallow Frosting

I haven’t posted in awhile… but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been baking sweets!

I am just extremely pregnant. Which means I have been busy getting ready for baby, being gone from work for a couple months, and spending as much time enjoying my little family and relaxing as I can!

I have been craving funfetti lately, so I whipped up a box mix the other night and topped it with this light and fluffy Cotton Candy Marshmallow frosting. I used this recipe that I made previously for these cupcakes, and just substituted the vanilla for cotton candy flavoring.

It wasn’t too overpowering, but just enough flavor to give the hint and the scent! I died it light blue for cotton candy, and because it was the 4th of July!

When I started up the mixer, my son had no idea what was going on. I realized I only bake and create when he’s gone to bed so he’s probably never heard it going before or seen me making anything! He was very curious so I had to get him a stool so he could see. The fluffy frosting was still white and he thought it was ice cream. (Which is his favorite thing ever – and he’s only had it a handful of times.)

We don’t really let him have sweets ever (he’s only 21 months old and I figure there’s PLENTY of time for that later) so this was a big treat. We let him have a 1/4 of a cupcake with a smear of the frosting on it. He ate it SO FAST we couldn’t get any pictures. So naturally we had to give him another piece. 🙂

I’d say he approves!

Now when I say extremely pregnant… Today is July 5th and I’m 41 weeks! I had my son 3 days before my due date so this is definitely testing my patience! Send me good labor vibes everyone! 😀

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Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting

Yes, you read that right. Chocolate.

I don’t really like chocolate, which is why I rarely use it. I have never made a chocolate cake/cupcakes, boxed or from scratch. Ever.

Until today.

Why did I do it? Because tonight I am seeing 2 of my best friends, and we are celebrating both of their birthdays. Normally I would do funfetti or something like that, but I happen to know that they both love chocolate.

A while back, someone told me about an amazing chocolate cake recipe. As soon as I decided I wanted to make chocolate, I knew this was the recipe I had to try. Guess where I got it?


That’s right, it’s right on the cocoa box! The recipe says to use 2 9″ pans, but of course I wanted to do cupcakes.

This batter was very runny. Normally home-made recipes are thick, so it was nice to have a pour-able substance!


The recipe for cake said 30-35 minutes, but as cupcakes they were done in my oven after about 21 minutes.

Okay on to the frosting!! I printed out this Marshmallow Frosting recipe almost 5 months ago. I hadn’t tried it yet, but I thought it would go fabulously with the chocolate cupcakes. My husband agreed so I went for it!

If you’re going to try this frosting recipe, either get a man to hold your hand mixer for you, or buy a stand mixer. Because this seriously took forever to get “stiff peaks.” And I’m not even sure I went long enough.

It seriously tastes like ooey gooey mashmallows!

And the cupcakes are awesome!

For someone who doesn’t like chocolate, I was impressed. It was moist and just the right amount of chocolate – – not too rich or too sweet.

I asked my husband and friends to judge it for me, and all they had to say was “it’s good.” Not much of a review for the blog, but it’s all I could get them to say. They did have more than one each if that counts for anything?

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