Puppy Cupcakes

I got an email on a Monday wanting to confirm that I was still making puppy cookies for Wednesday. Uhhh I don’t remember ever being asked to make puppy cookies! I was slightly freaking out, not knowing how to respond… I politely said I couldn’t find any correspondence regarding puppy cookies.. and she realized she had forgotten to ask. 🙂 phew!

It was too late to try and make cookies, so I offered to do cupcakes instead. Puppy was the theme, and she asked for them in fall colors. Since I was crunched on time I couldn’t do anything fancy like with fondant or something.. this is what I came up with:

I melted dark chocolate candy melts and loaded it into a squeeze bottle. Squirted it onto wax paper into little circles, smooth it out and then let it harden (which I seem to have no pictures of… except in the corner of the one below!) This was easy peezy!

Then I colored my frosting half orange and half yellow, loaded it into the piping bag a blob at a time of each color. Then it came out all swirly! (It kind of just looks orange here but trust me on the swirly.) Lastly I peeled the circles off the wax paper, and placed them on top the cupcake.

Overall I think the technique worked well and I will definitely be doing it again!


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