Easter Cookies

I love Easter colors!


The butterflies are a new cutter I bought recently. Much cuter than the round-winged Wilton butterflies I had before.



I wanted to make only eggs, but my friends (who I do a cookie decorating party with) wanted other shapes too…)




I love sprinkles. It’s like glitter. Makes everything better.


The rest were done with stencils and Wilton color spray.

I icing them solid white…


Then layed out the stencil on top (sorry no picture)…

Then went outside because the color spray flies everywhere… and kept spraying until it got a nice dark color. Waited a few minutes, then removed the stencil to find these beauties! 


I bought my stencil on Amazon. This paticular one can be found here.


And this is why my husband does not help me decorate… 




…and yes there is a “base coat” of sprinkles under the icing…





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5 responses to “Easter Cookies

  1. Your stenciled eggs are wonderful! Love all your Easter colours. Fun that your husband decided to decorate a cookie too 😉 Happy Easter!

  2. Love the butterflies! Although, my favorite has to be the tie dyed egg!! Great job! And I’ll throw your hubby a bone…at least we know what the cookie is! My hubby’s would have been unrecognizable 😉 Happy Easter!

  3. Love the swirly tie dyed egg, and the butterflies are great!

  4. Very pretty! That is a great butterfly cutter! So much better than the Wilton one.

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