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“Better Than” S’mores

These little guys happened by chance.

I was making some cupcakes (you can see them here) and had some extra frosting. It is too good to waste, so I pulled out my grahams and piped blobs on them.

This frosting is sort of like a marshmallow but not.. It’s sticky and foamy and light, and after setting overnight it stiffens up just a bit. If marshmallows aren’t your thing because of the texture or because of the “animal” in the gelatin, then this frosting is your friend. It contains none of that.


Then I was too lazy to actually melt chocolate, so I just threw a handful of chips onto each one.


The grahams sort of staled overnight so they were soft and more like a cookie, less like a cracker. It worked out perfectly for these little morsels.

Best accident/chance dessert ever.


I linked up to Shelly’s S’mores Party over at Cookies and Cups. If you want to check out some really cool s’mores treats, head on over!


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