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Necktie Cookies

“Our lil’ guy in a cute lil’ tie is turning 1.”

These cookies were made to match the invitations (below) and decor of a little 1 year old’s birthday party – which was held on Thanksgiving day!

I used a 5″ necktie cookie cutter. Shape wasn’t as great as I would have liked, but I fixed that with the outlining. I stressed so much over how to do these large polka dots… I couldn’t do edible pens or candy, because the colors were so specific. Navy blue, light blue, red, brown, and greenish yellow.

My best options were: (sorry I am about to ramble a bit you can skip ahead if you want…)

1. Do the dots in icing, wet-on wet method. My worries included:

       – I would do too much white icing (background) and adding the dots would overflow the cookie.

       –  I would do too little white icing and I wouldn’t be able to fix it after the dots were added.

       –  The dots wouldn’t be uniform in size/shape.

2. Do the dots in buttercream. Worries included:

       –  Coloring buttercream is more difficult. The color deepens over time, so it’s harder to match colors exactly.

       –  Doing the buttercream in the cookie then fill in the background around it: uneven, over flooding, weird levels…

       –  Ice the cookie, wait for it to dry, and do dots on top in buttercream: less room for error, possibly too much texture…

I ended up going for the very last option. I was worried about the height of the dots if I did it on top, but it ended up working out well. I let the frosting get soft, so when I filled in the dots they “melted” together a bit and looked more like a solid dot than a stripey filled circle.

Cute right?! I have a good idea for another use for this cookie cutter… should pop up pretty soon actually!


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