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Baby Bottle Cookies

My boss was throwing a surprise baby shower for her daughter-in-law and asked me to make her cookies!

The invitations were covered in baby bottles of white, pink, and orange – that’s right, a baby girl!! 🙂 I love orange, and this was such a cute color combo.

I bought a baby bottle cookie cutter to make matching cookies. This baby is 5″ tall!


Pink outline…

Filled them in white… because milk is white? I dunno it just made sense I guess.

I  planned on doing pink nipples. I think the very tip ended up looking funny pink, so I did that in orange instead.

On the bottles I did hash marks in pink, and he baby girl’s initials “R.E.C.” in orange.

Love them!

One last thing to mention.. With these cookies I tried adding corn syrup to my icing for the first time. (See this post on icing to see what I am talking about.)

I really liked how much easier it flowed, but I won’t be doing it again. I thought it would make them shinier, but they looked just like my normal icing. I thought maybe they would harden up better, but it was actually the opposite – they still seemed pretty soft after drying for 30+ hours. I bagged them carefully and let them sit over night again before stacking them up for delivery. They were hard enough that they were definitely okay, but I don’t really want to take that risk again. As far as taste goes, I didn’t really notice a difference besides them being softer when I happened to be taste-testing.



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