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SF Giants Cookies!

I am so excited that these cookies finally had a reason to happen!

My hubby is a die-hard Giants fan and always has been. Naturally I had the choice to either get on board, or be forever miserable and bored and angry about the TV takeovers. Okay, so I still get that way, but only after so many days in a row.

I really enjoy going to the games, and I have gained quite the wardrobe of black and orange over the last couple years.

These cookies were super fun to make because I was given free range to make whatever I wanted. They are for my coworker’s dinner group, who were having a Giants baseball themed get-together.

I have all the necessary parts.

Balls & Bats…


Some of our boys…











Logos… I made these by printing and cutting out a logo, poking holes in the icing with a toothpick, then connecting the dots.






A couple “Fear the Beard” silhouettes… I made these by just eyeballing it.




… and a couple Pandas! Love these guys.


I’m sure I will be doing these again soon. I have so many more shapes I thought of after I had already finished baking.

Black & Orange!!!














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Cake Decorating 101

I am taking a cake decorating class! I don’t know why I waited so long to do it. Thank you Kendra at The Royal Cookie for the motivation to sign up!

My girlfriend’s birthday was last week and I was SOO busy I was not able to make her something. My first cake decorating class cake is for her!

(Sorry there are some steps missing here, I was busy learning and not taking enough pics. I will take more next time!)


cakes leveled…


quick frost…


smoothed out the frosting (forgot to take a pic)… then applied a piping gel pattern transfer…


decorated my design and added her name…


and did a quick star border around the base!

More to come as I attend more classes!


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So many cookies…

I have been busy busy making sugar cookies lately. Like really busy.

Just thought I would share some pics rather than go into tons of detail about everything… enjoy!



Above are pictures of bridges and hard hats I made. I work at a bridge building company and some boy scouts came to visit to learn about engineering. These were their take-home treats! The hard hats are trimmed baseball hat cookies.



Above are some monkeys I did for a little boy’s first birthday party. Brown food coloring and I are not friends. That’s all I’m going to say about that.


The circles and onesies were for a baby shower. Too many boys I tell ya, we need some girls!


The California’s were for my husband to take to work. He works for a company that makes camping and tour reservations for national and state parks. California parks just opened yesterday for reservations so he thought these would be a good addition to their potluck. He also works as an intern for the state of CA a couple days a week, so he brought a couple in for his coworkers there.


These were for a surprise “baby is coming soon” party we had for a male coworker. They don’t know the sex yet and s/he is due in March, so we went with green!


Made these bunco cookies for my grandma. The little guys are so fun!


These cookies were for Cody’s Catholic confirmation. The silver crosses were iced first, sprayed with Wilton luster spray, then the rest of the cookie was iced.. Very carefully, haha.

There will be more cookies and other treats coming soon…

PS. I have been so busy that I didn’t have time to do St. Patty’s Day cookies. ūüė¶


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Lingerie Cookies

So many people told me they love my clothing cookies I did a while back…

Well ladies…I have something new to add to your cookie closet!

I have been dying to make these ever since I bought the cutter months ago.. what better time than Valentine’s day?

Guess what? I was invited (well everyone was) to the Dollhouse Bake Shoppe Virtual Valentine’s Day Party!

Everyone “brings” something to the party, and we all get to marvel at the wonderful things others have contributed.


These sassy cookies are my addition to the virtual party!


Which one is your favorite?

I was favoring the sexy little number above… until I made this one lace up the sides:

I personally think it would be hilarious to tell your hubby you got him lingerie for Valentine’s Day… then see his face when you give him a cookie.

Too mean?


While these wouldn’t be appropriate for kiddos, they would definitely be perfect for a bachelorette or bridal party.

I even made some little hearts to go along with them. A little bit of sparkle adds a whole lotta glam!

I can’t wait for another excuse to make more! I am really kicking myself for only baking 8 this time!

Want to check out everything else that was made for the virtual party? Click here.

PS. If you haven’t already, Like me on Facebook!


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Over the Hill Cookies

Made these cookies last week for a coworker’s 50th birthday party.¬†Black icing is a little intimidating so I stuck with just black details…

Recently bought some sprinkles (my serious addiction), and my purchase included a sample pack of sprinkles… while I was getting ready to decorate these I realized there might be black sprinkles¬†in that pack.. so I did a few like this. I love these!

I searched for over the hill cookie ideas and came across a lot of tombstone cookies. Well that’s easy enough, and I already had a tombstone cookie cutter.

Didn’t want to do them all the same, so I had to come up with another saying. I knew they would be appropriate for the birthday dude, because his wife was asking for “old man” or something like it. I think this is fun and “funny” to go along with the over the hill theme!

Hope the birthday dude loved them!

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Baby Shower Cupcakes

Ever since I made rainbow cupcakes I have been doing colored yellow cake every time I make cupcakes. For the baby shower I helped throw, it was the perfect dessert.

The theme of the baby shower was baseball – more specifically Giants vs. Cardinals. The mommy-to-be is a die hard Cardinals fan and the daddy-to-be is a die hard Giants fan. It seemed only fitting!

All decor was red (Cardinals) and orange (Giants) with occasional blue for their little baby boy. The baby shower invitations were designed to look like baseball game tickets. Adorable.

Anyhow, the cupcakes. Half were red and blue (Cardinals) and half were orange and black (giants). The Cardinal cupcakes got red buttercream frosting and a Cardinals pick, and the Giants cupcakes got orange buttercream frosting and a Giants pick.

I want to take a moment to say anyone who has ever made their own cupcake picks – you’re crazy! I am never doing it again! It took forever. Although I have since seen those cute little paper cutters at Michaels that totally would have saved my hand from cutting out all of those stupid little circles! Live and learn…

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