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Nate’s Cookies

Does everyone know my friend Nate? His blog Nate Makes Cookies is not only hilarious, but it’s a fun creative take on food blogging. He makes only Martha Stewart Cookie Recipes and writes about his experience, (sometimes) problems, and how everyone loves each recipe. It’s honestly one of my favorite blogs to read!

Annnnyways… Nate recently emailed me asking if I wanted to do a “foodie pen pal” thing and send each other local foods and some homemade cookies. Of course I was on board!!

I made these cookies for Nate:


(if you go see his site you’ll see why I did this design!)

I also had to throw in some California cookies because he is in Oregon. I got my inspiration for these from Andrea of Cupookie. I saw these California cookies she did and knew I had to make my own version!


If you look carefully, the dot on the first “i” is right about at Sacramento. 🙂


So glad you loved your cookies Nate!!

Want to check out the cookies he made me?! Click here.



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So many cookies…

I have been busy busy making sugar cookies lately. Like really busy.

Just thought I would share some pics rather than go into tons of detail about everything… enjoy!



Above are pictures of bridges and hard hats I made. I work at a bridge building company and some boy scouts came to visit to learn about engineering. These were their take-home treats! The hard hats are trimmed baseball hat cookies.



Above are some monkeys I did for a little boy’s first birthday party. Brown food coloring and I are not friends. That’s all I’m going to say about that.


The circles and onesies were for a baby shower. Too many boys I tell ya, we need some girls!


The California’s were for my husband to take to work. He works for a company that makes camping and tour reservations for national and state parks. California parks just opened yesterday for reservations so he thought these would be a good addition to their potluck. He also works as an intern for the state of CA a couple days a week, so he brought a couple in for his coworkers there.


These were for a surprise “baby is coming soon” party we had for a male coworker. They don’t know the sex yet and s/he is due in March, so we went with green!


Made these bunco cookies for my grandma. The little guys are so fun!


These cookies were for Cody’s Catholic confirmation. The silver crosses were iced first, sprayed with Wilton luster spray, then the rest of the cookie was iced.. Very carefully, haha.

There will be more cookies and other treats coming soon…

PS. I have been so busy that I didn’t have time to do St. Patty’s Day cookies. 😦


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California Capitol Cookies

This is my second round of building cookies. I made Washington Capitol cookies a while back, and these were a little similar. I actually used the same cutter, with just a few tweaks. Here is the cutter..


For the California Capitols, I cut off the little nob on the top of the sides, and extended the bottom about a quarter inch.

(Let’s pretend that I didn’t take my one-and-only photo of the unfrosted capitols with the only cookie I forgot to cut a nub off of front and center!)

I outlined the base and divided it up into the different sections, then filled every other section.

After it dried a bit I filled in the rest of the sections.

After it dried, I reoutlined the sections and added column and window detail.

Then I squirted a small blob of frosting on the tip tops, and dunked it in gold sugar crystals.

I waited as long as I could before doing the black domes. I was so worried it would bleed into the white buttercream that was touching it. (I got lucky and not a single one bled!)

I used buttercream and a big tip, and piped it up and down to create the line definition on the cookies.

I also made California’s to pair with the capitol buildings. I added stars on the capital of course..

My husband was a geography major so he wanted to make sure I got Sacramento in the correct spot. He used a toothpick to poke a hole in the correct place for my star.

I had to carefully bag them so that you could see both cookies.

All ready to go!

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