California Capitol Cookies

This is my second round of building cookies. I made Washington Capitol cookies a while back, and these were a little similar. I actually used the same cutter, with just a few tweaks. Here is the cutter..

For the California Capitols, I cut off the little nob on the top of the sides, and extended the bottom about a quarter inch.

(Let’s pretend that I didn’t take my one-and-only photo of the unfrosted capitols with the only cookie I forgot to cut a nub off of front and center!)

I outlined the base and divided it up into the different sections, then filled every other section.

After it dried a bit I filled in the rest of the sections.

After it dried, I reoutlined the sections and added column and window detail.

Then I squirted a small blob of frosting on the tip tops, and dunked it in gold sugar crystals.

I waited as long as I could before doing the black domes. I was so worried it would bleed into the white buttercream that was touching it. (I got lucky and not a single one bled!)

I used buttercream and a big tip, and piped it up and down to create the line definition on the cookies.

I also made California’s to pair with the capitol buildings. I added stars on the capital of course..

My husband was a geography major so he wanted to make sure I got Sacramento in the correct spot. He used a toothpick to poke a hole in the correct place for my star.

I had to carefully bag them so that you could see both cookies.

All ready to go!


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