Over the Hill Cookies

Made these cookies last week for a coworker’s 50th birthday party. Black icing is a little intimidating so I stuck with just black details…

Recently bought some sprinkles (my serious addiction), and my purchase included a sample pack of sprinkles… while I was getting ready to decorate these I realized there might be black sprinkles in that pack.. so I did a few like this. I love these!

I searched for over the hill cookie ideas and came across a lot of tombstone cookies. Well that’s easy enough, and I already had a tombstone cookie cutter.

Didn’t want to do them all the same, so I had to come up with another saying. I knew they would be appropriate for the birthday dude, because his wife was asking for “old man” or something like it. I think this is fun and “funny” to go along with the over the hill theme!

Hope the birthday dude loved them!


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