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Unicorn Poop

I am such a girl in that I love rainbows, anything sparkly, and everything make-believe. When I saw this on pinterest, I almost exploded immediately with excitement.

Don’t be scared, it’s really just sugar cookies all dolled up. Tasty and cute, and I have a feeling little girls would LOVE this. I need to get me one of those.

I mostly followed the tutorial linked with the pin, but I put my own spin on it.

Store bought doughs do not work well for these cookies. The recipe must hold it’s shape well for them to turn out looking like poopies. This recipe is my go-to and would work really well for these cookies because it holds its shape.

I divided it up into 5 equalish sized balls. Instead of regualr rainbow colors, I girled it up even more: pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple.


I just added a bit of food coloring to the ball of dough, and carefully kneaded it until it was all mixed in. To avoid staining my hands, I put the dye in the middle and folded the dough over it. Then I kneaded it carefully keeping the dye in the center until it was mostly absorbed, then I was able to knead it like normal until it was all mixed in.

Using regular dropper-food coloring (like you buy at the grocery store) may not make as bright of colors and will be more likely to dye your hands. I recommend the Wilton food coloring gels that come in the little tubs at the craft store.


Just like with playdough, you want to make long skinny snakes. Then stack together the snakes until you have one of each color. My  snake was about 18″ long. Once I had all the colors, I broke it in half and rolled one half just enough to make all the snakes stick together. (If the dough is too sticky, you can use some flour when you roll it – it will not effect the outcome of the cookie.)


Then twist the snake like this…


Then coil it up on your cookie sheet to look like a poopy!


Bake at 350*F about 8 minutes or so, depending on how big the “turds” are. I did some with sugar pearls, which have to be stuck into the turds prior to baking.

After the cookies are baked and cooled, it’s time for them to get sparkly! I used Wilton Sparkle Gel. (I found it in the cake section of the craft store, near the food coloring and premade icing.) I did not know this stuff existed until now, but I’m a little scared because it might end up on everything I make from here on out!

It reminds me of that nasty decorating gel they use on cakes, that blood-red goop, anyone know what I’m talking about? Except this stuff is clear and sparkly! I squirted a line across the cookie, then used a paint brush (that has never been used for paint by the way) to get it covering the entire unicorn’s doodoo. At this point, they are gorgeous…


…but if you want to add a little bit of sprinkles, do it while the gel is still wet. I added some plain white nonpareils because they stood out really well.


Who knew unicorns were that magical?

The next picture shows the sparkly-ness the best. These cookies are not wet, they’re just that shiny and sparkly!


To sum it up like Kirsty Lynn said on the original post: “The amount of poops you will get from this recipe depends on how big your unicorn is.” LOL

… my unicorn made 44 poops about 2-3″ in diameter.


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