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Skeleton Cookies, No Icing

So the last time I made cookies without icing was because a friend of mine can’t have dairy right now (she’s breastfeeding and it upsets the baby). Well, I never got the chance to get them to her before my husband ate them! In his defense, he didn’t realize they were being saved. So I had to try again to make some cookies for her.

I bought a set of 3 wilton halloween cookie cutters because I really just wanted one of them – a skull and crossbones. I see a future with this cutter that I can’t express too well without icing. Maybe sometime soon I will make more skulls and try everything I imagined.

For now, these are pretty fun:


I don’t really like the way the lips turned out.. My tip was too big and I was too lazy to change it. I like the heart eyes though!

That’s all for now. Lots more cookies coming this week!

Oh and we are moving at the same time. Our (first!) house should close tomorrow or Friday! 🙂

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