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StitchFix (Post Baby!)

I first started StitchFix after I had my first baby. I had NO IDEA how to dress my post baby body. After my first few fixes I was totally hooked! The more details you give your stylist, the better they get to know you. 

I recently have been posting my StitchFix maternity boxes I’d been receiving. I only got them for a few months because I had a ton of maternity clothes, but I got some great things! (See the posts here, here, and here.)

Now that I’ve had my second little baby, I started my fixes back up again. (It’s so awesome how easy it is to stop and start them up anytime!) This is my first Fix post baby!

The top above is my favorite! The colors are perfect for me, and the fabric is soft and flowy. It looks great over a cami, and that makes it super easy to nurse in. 

I loved this top too. Such a fun bright color. I love that the side is split in 2 layers. The sleeves are sheer and have some texture to them. This will definitely be great once I return to work!

I liked this top too, though I decided not to keep it. It was slightly sheer with a lace detail pattern. It looked cute over this red tank. It also helped hide the post-baby tummy. I only sent it back because I needed to limit myself to 2 items. 

This dress is the maxi version of the grey dress I kept from this Fix. I absolutely loved the grey dress, but the maxi version didn’t work well for my tummy. I think the pattern on the grey one helped with bumps and bulges too. 

I sent the necklace back because it wasn’t really my style. It’s reversible, which was pretty cool. 

Glad to be back to StitchFix! Have you tried it yet?


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Little Deer Cookies

I can’t believe Gracie is 1!!

Her mama is one of my very best friends. She asked for deer cookies for her little dear’s first birthday party, so I knew I had to make something special!


How cute are these!?

I stuck to a simple design. It felt right. Didn’t want it to be cartoony.

Happy birthday gorgeous girl!!


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Introducing Baby Levi

I had my second baby on July 7th. Meet my little Levi!

 Well, little relatively speaking. I mean, all newborns are little. But my big boy was 10 lbs 1 oz. He looks like he’s much older than he is. 😂

 He looks pretty much like Carter’s twin. Only differences are hair line and hair color. Eye color is still to be determined. 

Carter is an amazing big brother. He is always kissing Levi’s head, just like he used to kiss my belly. He is so helpful, especially fetching diapers or whatever else I need. As soon as he wakes up or gets picked up from daycare he’s always asking for Levi right away. They melt my heart!


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