Wedding Monogram Cookies

I few weeks ago I got the opportunity to make some monogrammed cookies for a wedding. Simple, elegant, white on white.

Since I do all my piping by hand, I had to be extra careful with these to make sure the monograms were centered and all the same.

I practiced on one cookie over and over (wiping off in between) until I had my spacing right. Then I put little dots where all the key parts of the center W needed to go…


Then piped on the W, followed by the outer letters.


The cookies were going to sit next to the cake, so no individual wrapping was needed. This is fine, except I was worried about them getting smashed too much before wedding time. Then I was told they had to travel hundreds of miles away… Eek! Last minute I found these perfect boxes and some bubble wrap and packaged them all up safely. Worked out perfectly!





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4 responses to “Wedding Monogram Cookies

  1. Erica Thompson

    I’m getting married 9/28 are you available?

  2. Kristina

    Super cute! . . And I love that cookie cutter!

  3. Cynthia

    Hi Carrie!

    You made the above monogrammed lemon cookies for my wedding (Cynthia & Ronald Weissenberg)! Suzanne Weissenberg bought them for us & drove “hundreds of miles!” 🙂 The cookies were delicious, beautiful, & elegant! Our guests loved them, especially us! They were so special & added a unique touch to our wedding. Thank you!

    We’re getting married, again, next August! I hope you can make some more lovely cookies for us! Where do you make them?

    Thanks again!

    Cynthia 🙂

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