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California Capitol Cookies

This is my second round of building cookies. I made Washington Capitol cookies a while back, and these were a little similar. I actually used the same cutter, with just a few tweaks. Here is the cutter..


For the California Capitols, I cut off the little nob on the top of the sides, and extended the bottom about a quarter inch.

(Let’s pretend that I didn’t take my one-and-only photo of the unfrosted capitols with the only cookie I forgot to cut a nub off of front and center!)

I outlined the base and divided it up into the different sections, then filled every other section.

After it dried a bit I filled in the rest of the sections.

After it dried, I reoutlined the sections and added column and window detail.

Then I squirted a small blob of frosting on the tip tops, and dunked it in gold sugar crystals.

I waited as long as I could before doing the black domes. I was so worried it would bleed into the white buttercream that was touching it. (I got lucky and not a single one bled!)

I used buttercream and a big tip, and piped it up and down to create the line definition on the cookies.

I also made California’s to pair with the capitol buildings. I added stars on the capital of course..

My husband was a geography major so he wanted to make sure I got Sacramento in the correct spot. He used a toothpick to poke a hole in the correct place for my star.

I had to carefully bag them so that you could see both cookies.

All ready to go!

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Yankees Cookies

These were the hardest cookies I have made so far.

And they didn’t go exactly as I had planned.

The request was for Yankees Pinstriped Jerseys, with the birthday boy’s last name across the back. He was turning 30, so that is the number for the jersey.

I have to say – I am not a Yankees fan. I had to google images to make sure I got the design right. The pinstripes go up the sleeves and then down the back. And where they meet, there is no line. That made these especially challenging. Here is how I did the pinstripes:

I had originally planned on doing the pinstripes in food color marker, but I was unable to find a dark blue marker. The one I had was a sky blue and that is not acceptable for Yankees!

After I let the stripes dry, I piped on the name and number 30.

Here they are all ready to go! They were stacked in a white metal bucket for display.

These took a loooong time and my hand was killing me, but I pushed through and made these cookies happen!

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Cookies: Z, 6, and Super Mario!

Hello. Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter Z, and the number 6!

That’s right, Zachary is 6 years old! He is the son of a close family friend, and I was lucky enough to get to make his birthday cookie favors.

It is his mom’s tradition to always do Z and his age, so this year was Z and 6.

His birthday party was Super Mario themed, so I there had to be Super Mario cookies as well!

These Marios took me forever. Note to anyone wanting Mario cookies – do not even attempt to ask for more than a dozen. I will not do it. Sorry. Instead of killing myself with a ton of Marios, I decided to do some mushrooms and stars also.

Aren’t they cute!?

Bagged and ready to go…

I am still hoping to get a couple pictures of the birthday boy enjoying his cookies, so when I get them I will add them here!


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Wedding Cookie Favors

Okay bravo if you can follow along with this: the daughter of a coworker of a family friend was getting married, and wanted some cookie wedding favors.

Lots of baking…

Color = Purple. Dark purple is hard to make! It took me like 45 minutes to get it dark enough. It was worth it, it came out great!

I tied little tags onto each bag with the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date. Love that it’s 9/10/11!

I had a couple blank cookies leftover, so I did roses out of the purple buttercream to pair with the extra Monogram cookies. These are extra, so they are just something extra and special for the bride!

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Caillou Cookies

I received a special request for some Caillou cookies for a themed birthday party. I had never heard of Caillou, so I had to do some research!

This is what I learned:

1. Caillou is pronounced [ky-you].

2. The show, which airs on PBS is based on a book series.

3. The author created Caillou without hair or distinguishing features (besides the fact that he’s white) so that all kids can more easily identify with him.

I used my circle cookie cutter, and the top of my onesie cookie cutter. I chopped off the arms so that I basically just had the shoulder section. Stuck it to the circle, and they were ready to bake!

The basic outline is pretty easy. Since I was outlining the whole thing in black, I used a pretty small tip.

This was the first time I made “fleshtone” icing. I had to look up what colors to mix. In the end I kind of played it by ear, and it worked out easier than I thought.

I felt confident going into these cookies, but I got nervous when it came time to put the face on Caillou. So I took it in parts.

It ended up being easier to do than I thought. Every picture of Caillou his facial expressions are slightly different. So if the eyebrow or mouth was a little crooked, it still looked great!

The mom sent me some of these cards to attach, since the cookies are favors. Aren’t they adorable!?

I received an email from the mom last night after the party was over:

OMG I just want to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! You are truly amazing, I couldn’t believe it when I saw the cookies. They look just like the picture. My daughter along with all her friends were so excited. All my friends were impressed as well. I’m sure you will be gaining some more customers. I will be ordering cookies from you for every birthday of my son and daughters… Your cookies made this party. You rock and you’ll be hearing from [us] again and again!

I guess she liked them! 🙂


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Over the Hill Cookies

Made these cookies last week for a coworker’s 50th birthday party. Black icing is a little intimidating so I stuck with just black details…

Recently bought some sprinkles (my serious addiction), and my purchase included a sample pack of sprinkles… while I was getting ready to decorate these I realized there might be black sprinkles in that pack.. so I did a few like this. I love these!

I searched for over the hill cookie ideas and came across a lot of tombstone cookies. Well that’s easy enough, and I already had a tombstone cookie cutter.

Didn’t want to do them all the same, so I had to come up with another saying. I knew they would be appropriate for the birthday dude, because his wife was asking for “old man” or something like it. I think this is fun and “funny” to go along with the over the hill theme!

Hope the birthday dude loved them!

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Hot August Days Cookies

This year’s theme for my annual company picnic is “Hot August Days.” Whilst perusing cookie cutters online, my coworker came across this 57 Chevy Cookie Cutter.

I was “hired” to bake 300 cookie favors for the picnic. The biggest feat for me to date, and it was a huge success!

All cars were to be identical red chevys. I baked the week before, and froze them until it was time to decorate. I knew 300 cookies was a lot, but until they were taking over my freezer I didn’t really realize how crazy this was going to be.

Assembly-line was the way to go. I started with the tires…

Then added windows and the side panel…

Then outlined the cars…

Filled in the tires, then the cars, then the windows and side panels…

Then finished them off with the side-line and “hubcaps.” I had originally planned on leaving the tires black, but my husband INSISTED that it looked dumb without the white on them. I thought it was the white-walled tires, but my husband corrected me, they are the hubcaps. OKAY.

Then each cookie was bagged and tied with ribbon. Here is the finished product!

Did I mention I have a full-time 8-5 job? This was all done after work hours and on my weekend… thank GOODNESS I had the help of my husband, my mom, and my best friend. There is no way this would have been done without them!

Here is my friend Chelsea (who helped so much with the decorating!!) enjoying a cookie. Or as my mom says, the car is “zooming” into her mouth. Haha…


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