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StitchFix (Post Baby #2)

Dang it StitchFix, why do you have to be so good?! I truely wanted to keep everything in this box! Unfortunately I couldn’t afford it all so I had a tough decision to make!


These jeans were comfy! Just the right amount of stretch to hug me well. Especially surprising since I received this box less than 2 months after having a baby! I didn’t keep these because I just didn’t really feel like I needed another pair of jeans at this time. 


I want to cry looking at this sweater. I loved it so much, but didn’t keep it. Tough decisions I tell you. It was warm and soft, but cute enough I could’ve worn it to work. The front was wrap style so I seriously wanted to just cuddle into it like a blanket. 

As you can see, taking these pictures can be difficult with a toddler…


My husband said this shirt wasn’t “me.” It was super soft fabric and so comfy. Hides the tummy well too. I liked it but he didn’t. Husband’s opinions matter. Sometimes. I sent it back. 


I loooove this top. The detail on the top is amazing. Perfect for work or a night out or anything. And black pairs with everything. I wanted to cry a little as I packed it back into the bag. It wasn’t as practical as the next piece and I could only keep 1. *tear*  


This is the top I decided to keep. It looks plain, but that’s one of the reasons I kept it. Practical. Soft and stretchy and long. Long enough for leggings. And black goes with everything! Also, it’s about to be fall and the longer sleeves will allow me to wear it for longer. 

As always, loved my fix!

Have you tried StitchFix yet?! You totally should!


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