Chocolate Caramel Krispies

These are super fast & easy to make and pretty darn tasty…

I started with the basic Rice Krispies Treats recipe (found here) but added 1 cup of chocolate to the melting mixture. Once it was almost completely melted, add 1 packet of Duncan Hines Flavor Creations. For these I used Caramel.


Once the melty mixture was all stirred up with the Krispies, I sprayed my hands with non-stick spray and pressed the mixture into the pan. Then I sprinkled the top with mini chocolate chips and pressed them in gently to make sure they stuck well.

20130906-063752.jpg Then just let them cool before you cut and serve!


Other Duncan Hines Flavor Creations would pair well with these chocolate krispies too – Mint Chocolate, Cherry Vanilla, Mocha, Orange Creme, even Strawberry Shortcake!



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6 responses to “Chocolate Caramel Krispies

  1. noyomoco

    I love those flavor packets! They can be used for so many things 🙂 These sound awesome!

  2. Sandy

    Ok….when it is my time to order the cookies I won at your shower….can I have these instead?? They look yummy Carrie!

  3. Anything with chocolate and caramel has my full attention!! They look wonderful Carrie!

  4. These look great! My son’s favorite flavor combo ( at the moment) is chocolate caramel and I would love to make these for him but I some more details would be very helpful. What do you mean by “added 1 cup of chocolate ” ? Chopped choc bar ( if so, chunks or finely chopped)? Chocolate chips? Did you use dark, semi-sweet, or milk chocolate? About how much mini chips did you use? I could figure these things out through trial and error but if you have the info, it would save guessing. Thanks!

    • Great question! It probably doesn’t matter whether you use chopped up chocolate or chocolate chips, and the type of chocolate is a personal choice! I used chocolate chips (I only had mini on hand) and they were semi-sweet. I imagine milk chocolate would be tasty too! As for the top, I’m really not sure how much I used, maybe 1/4 cup? One regular package of mini chips was more than enough for both the melting and the topping.

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