Cake Decorating 101

I am taking a cake decorating class! I don’t know why I waited so long to do it. Thank you Kendra at The Royal Cookie for the motivation to sign up!

My girlfriend’s birthday was last week and I was SOO busy I was not able to make her something. My first cake decorating class cake is for her!

(Sorry there are some steps missing here, I was busy learning and not taking enough pics. I will take more next time!)


cakes leveled…


quick frost…


smoothed out the frosting (forgot to take a pic)… then applied a piping gel pattern transfer…


decorated my design and added her name…


and did a quick star border around the base!

More to come as I attend more classes!



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11 responses to “Cake Decorating 101

  1. Georgia

    You did a great job smoothing that cake. I think that is how fondant took over – it’s so hard to get a smooth cake. I have not tried the piping gel technique. I may make a cake just to test it out. I would decorate cakes everyday – except somebody has to eat them!!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of your creations.

    • Thanks Georgia! It was my first time doing things the right way, so I hope it will only improve!

    • We have a rule in our house…if I bake a cake for us, we have one slice each and then toss the rest. I’m sure when my girls are older (currently 20mo and 5m) they’ll help us go through a few more slices, but until then my husband is watching his girlie figure 😉 hehe

      • HAHA that’s so funny! I am sure your neighbors would like to get in on the cake! One time I had like 30 leftover cake pops so I posted on fb “who wants a cake pop?” and a couple of my friends actually came by! Everyone likes free sweets!

        • ooh I’m a sucker for cake pops…I’d be one of those friends that drove over to get them! Although 3000 miles is a bit far for 1 cake pop so I’d have to barter for a couple 😉 Never made them before…do you have one of those cake pop baking contraptions that looks like a waffle iron? Yes…very technical 😉

          • I do have one of those contraptions, but they aren’t really “cake pops” by Bakerella’s definition. I refer to them as cake balls instead. HUGE distinction, I know. haha… I have one post on them up right now, and another coming soon 😉 You should definitely try making cake pops though, they are soo worth all the fuss!

      • Georgia

        Sometimes I think about giving a cake I decorated to my neighbors, but then I want at least a slice of it – just to make sure it turned out right. However, I feel funny giving them a cake that has a portion missing!

        When I was taking classes, I would bring the cake home and eat it only until trash day (two days later). On trash day, it went in the trash.

  2. YEAH!! It looks great! I bet your friend Lizz loved a cake just for her 🙂 I like that you used regular piping gel to make the transfer. Our instructor had us use the gel you buy at the grocery store and the lightest color they had was yellow. Sadly a few spots showed on my white cake. This is a MUCH better way of doing it. Thanks and glad you are enjoying the class 🙂

  3. Your cake turned out wonderfully and I’m sure your friend was touched by it. Looking forward to seeing what else you create in your classes. What fun!

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