The Lorax Cookies (and Roundup!)

Ever since the first commercial I saw for the Lorax, I have been BEYOND excited for the release! My husband agreed (after much persuasion) to take me to see it on opening night (he wasn’t very excited about that). It ended up being a very late showing and I was too tired, so we waited until Sunday instead. It did not disappoint!


These cookies took me a while to get to because I was waiting on my mustache cookie cutter to come in the mail. Then I was busy. Like really busy. So (finally) here are my Lorax decorated cookies!

I baked the mustaches separate and iced both cookies. I set the mustache in place on the circle so that I could mark the eye placement with toothpicks. I piped the eyes, then glued the mustache on with some frosting. Then I realized his eyes were way too small so I piped them bigger.


To finish it off I colored the eyes with food color markers, added eyelids and a nose, and piped on the big bushy eyebrows!


So many others have joined in the Lorax treat fun, so I wanted to do a little Lorax roundup of the things I have seen out there. Some of these ladies are SERIOUSLY talented, so if you have time you should check out their blogs/websites!

Truffula Tree Push Pops by Emily of So Domesticated. How cute are these?!

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie by Ginny’s Cookies. Looks delicious!

Lorax Cupcakes by Hoosier Homemade. Love the bar-ba-loots!

Marshmallows by Meaghan of The Decorated Cookie. Have you ever tried drawing on a squishy marshmallow? It’s not easy! Meaghan can work these mallows like it’s nothin’. Love the 3 tiered trees!

Lorax Sugar Cookies (book version) by Paula of Vanilla Bean Baker. Look how perfect these are!

Lorax Decorated Cookies (movie poster version) by Marian of Sweetopia. I love the straws for the trees, it’s absolutely perfect! (and perfectly fluffy!)

Truffula Tree Decorated Cookies by Ellie’s Bites Decorated Cookies. So simple yet so perfect!

Lorax Cake Pops by Angie of Bakerella. I almost cried when I saw these. They are so perfect and I love them all so much! Wish I could handle a cake pop like this brilliant woman!

Truffula Tree Cupcakes by Courtney of Pizzazzerie. Perfection! She also has lots of fun party ideas whether for Dr. Seuss or anything else!

Thank you to everyone who let me link up their Lorax treats and share their pictures!



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9 responses to “The Lorax Cookies (and Roundup!)

  1. Aww! Your Lorax cookies are so cute. I love that you did the mustache with an additional cookie. Nice touch. What a fun round-up and thank you very much for including me in it and for you lovely comment.

  2. Those are so cute!! Last night, a mom and her kids came to pick up a 13 year old who’s in my cake decorating class last and the little boy (couldn’t have been more than 8) wasn’t talking to anyone…his mom made him leave the movie 10 minutes before the ending to pick up his sister. He was so mad…must have been a good movie! 🙂

  3. Love your cookies and all the other Lorax cuteness! This post made me smile!

  4. Thank you for including my cookies, Carrie! I love your Lorax cookies, the moustaches are adorable!!

  5. Super cute! I found the Lorax was a bit harder than I thought he would be – did you? I bought the cutter In NYC and meanwhile, the Lorax was atop of every cab there!

    Here are mine:

    • Yours turned out very cute!! I wish I would have seen them before I would have included you on the roundup! I love how you did the eyes, and of course I love the 3D mustache and eyebrows!

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