New pans!

Found these babies at Target. My wonderland. Also the most dangerous place for me to go aside from Michaels. I haven’t been to Hobby Lobby yet, but I hear it will be amazing.


They are mini springform pans! Each one is 4″ across.

Still trying to decide what to make first with these! Any suggestions?



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2 responses to “New pans!

  1. We do not eat a lot of cake around here and so I love the smaller pans for baking. Looking forward to seeing what you create with these new finds.

  2. abbyjo123

    OMG you’ve never been to Hobby Lobby!!?? Literally half the store is 50% off everyday! Definitely one of my favorite stores, although I don’t let myself go very often because I spend wayyyyy to much money there. It’s hard not to when there’s always so many good deals!

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