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Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper Cupcakes

My coworker Apryle invented these, and I promised I would make them for her.

This is a soda cake.

I made soda cupcakes once before (Orange Soda Cupcakes), so I was excited to try a new flavor combo.

Chocolate Fudge Cake + a can of Dr. Pepper. That’s it! (Literally – no eggs, water, oil, anything. Just a can of soda.)

Bake em up for 18-20 min at 350*.

For the Cherry Frosting:

1 lb powdered sugar

1 stick (1/2 cup) salted butter

3 tbsp milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp cherry extract

red food coloring

Mix all ingredients until smooth and fluffy. Pipe or spread onto cupcakes.

My brother’s review of Apryle’s cupcake:

“The cherry is almost too overwhelming, but it works with the chocolate cupcake. The Dr. Pepper taste is subtle but it’s definitely there.”

….and Apryle’s review:

“The cherry is really sweet and the Dr. Pepper is subtle, but it was really good!”



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Orange Soda Cupcakes

If you haven’t heard, you are about to have your mind blown!

With just a box of cake and a can of soda, you can make cake (or cupcakes)!! That’s it, no other ingredients necessary! Okay maybe you need more ingredients if you want frosting, but STILL, this is exciting!

I have seen it with Dr. Pepper, Coke, 7-up… but who loves orange soda? I love orange soda. I do I do I do-ooo! I grew up on it, and I am just fine – so please don’t judge me or my parents for raising me on the single most sugar-filled kind of soda out there – Sunkist! 🙂

I had a 2-liter instead of a can, so I just measured out 12 oz of orange soda and added it to my box cake powder, and mixed until it was combined. I decided to do cupcakes because they are easier to share… and I recently bought these cute little snowflake cupcake liners…

You can see the batter got a slight tint of orange. 🙂

For my frosting I used my regular buttercream recipe, but I substituted all of the milk and vanilla for orange soda. Most of the orange flavor in these came from the frosting. Yumm!

I added a little sugar to the top for a sparkle!

I had the hubby taste one for me so I could get a bitten-into picture.

The cupcake was sooo moist! Craziness I tell you, this soda non-sense. Can you image the possibilities?

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