Glitter Bacon Pigs

For Christmas my mother in law bought me a pig cookie cutter. I love pigs!

Last year I stopped eating pork. I have never really liked bacon, so it wasn’t a hard decision to make. I was already contemplating it when I saw a horrible episode of Extreme Hoarders that involved pigs. I still can’t really think or talk about it without tearing up.

Anyways, the men in my life love bacon. Obviously. They all own T-shirts exclaiming so.

A while back, one of my favorite bloggers, Jennifer of Not Your Momma’s Cookies, made these really cool (pork free) bacon cookies. I was just talking about them and showing them to my husband on Christmas Day right before I received my pig cutter. With the image fresh in my mind, I knew I had to combine them!

I dyed my cookie dough 3 different colors:

dark redish/brown




Then I made skinny snakes out of the cookie dough and arranged them randomly on my flour dusted work surface. Once I had a bunch of snakes of all colors made, I squished them all up against each other…


Then rolled them flat.

See those wooden dowels/skewers? I place one on each side of my dough, cover the whole thing with a piece of cling wrap, and roll it across from side to side. The dowels keep the dough an even thickness all the way across.


Then I cut my pigs as close together as possible. Don’t want to waste any of those bacony stripes!


…and bake them up like normal.


When al the pigs were moved to the cookie sheet for baking, I balled up the scraps and rolled it back out. It’s not as stripey, but still kind of looks bacony!


They look pretty cool as is…



(I also made some mini pigs.)



..but I couldn’t leave them alone. They needed something… when in doubt, add sprinkles.

When you don’t want to ruin the color and stripes of the cookies, you can’t add sprinkles.

Know what else makes everything better?



They look wet, but really they’re just shiny and glittery. I used the same glitter on my Unicorn Poop Cookies.

Bacon lover or hater, these bacon pig cookies are for you!



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3 responses to “Glitter Bacon Pigs

  1. Carol

    Cute little oinkers! Now if you could find a way to get them to TASTE like bacon, maybe add a smokey flavoring very lightly would do the trick. I get what you said about pork. The few pieces I had at Christmas was first time in years.

  2. What a great idea! Bacon pig are super cute!!

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