SF Giants Cookies!

I am so excited that these cookies finally had a reason to happen!

My hubby is a die-hard Giants fan and always has been. Naturally I had the choice to either get on board, or be forever miserable and bored and angry about the TV takeovers. Okay, so I still get that way, but only after so many days in a row.

I really enjoy going to the games, and I have gained quite the wardrobe of black and orange over the last couple years.

These cookies were super fun to make because I was given free range to make whatever I wanted. They are for my coworker’s dinner group, who were having a Giants baseball themed get-together.

I have all the necessary parts.

Balls & Bats…


Some of our boys…











Logos… I made these by printing and cutting out a logo, poking holes in the icing with a toothpick, then connecting the dots.






A couple “Fear the Beard” silhouettes… I made these by just eyeballing it.




… and a couple Pandas! Love these guys.


I’m sure I will be doing these again soon. I have so many more shapes I thought of after I had already finished baking.

Black & Orange!!!















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10 responses to “SF Giants Cookies!

  1. You are very talented – the “eye balled” fear the beard cookies turned out great!

  2. Yet again, you come up with a brilliant idea that I’m totally stealing!! I usually just trace cutouts onto my cookie with edible markers. Unfortunately, the final image is “fatter” and messier than I’d like since I have to cover the marker. Your toothpick technique sounds 1000 times better! I’m gonna give it a try this week! Thanks Carrie! Oh and your eyeballing of the “Fear the Beard” silhouettes is fantastic…great job!

  3. Great cookies. Love the pandas! The logos are great and a crafty little technique and your bearded ones…good eyeballing!

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