Christmas Cookies

I made a variety of Christmas cookies… enjoy!


Snowflakes… the ones above have sprinkles on the icing, the ones below just have sprinkles on the buttercream details…


Candy Canes…


Christmas Trees…


Peppermint candies… I used this technique from Bridget over at Bake at 350. I never would have thought of doing it that way.. brilliant.


I piped the red lines on the wet white icing, the swirled it with a toothpick 3 times.


I added lines on the sides the next day. The red icing bled into the white a bit, but it works because they’re peppermint candies!


Elf feet… similar to my witches’ feet I did for Halloween.


I used a food color marker to draw the shoes on the first few until I got the shape down right.


Presents/Gifts… I am pretty much obsessed with these. The bows came out so much nicer than I expected!



Gingerbread houses… I wanted to go candy/sprinkle crazy on these, but I didn’t have enough time.


Rudophs… both the houses above and the rudoph heads were made with chocolate sugar cookie dough. More of these to come, but the recipe needs perfecting first.


Santa Bellies…




Penguins… I intended these to have cute little hats/ear muffs and hands/feet, but I ran out of time.


Christmas Lights… I wanted to make every color, but I didn’t have any more frosting and icing to dye, and it was too late at night to make more just for a few lights… I like how they turned out with the sparkles though!


So it was midnight… and like I said, I didn’t have anymore frosting  or icing, and didn’t feel like making more. So instead of these becoming the rest of the Santa Bellies as intended, they got the lazy treatment…


and why were these the favorite of my family?! I swear I should just make circles for every holiday and cover them with sprinkles instead of doing all the fun little shapes. It would save me time and my sanity! On a brighter note, aren’t the sprinkles I used awesome?! Found them at Target while perusing down the baking aisle… I love Target.



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5 responses to “Christmas Cookies

  1. Love your cookie designs and decorations! I’ll admit that you have more patience than I – I gave up multi-shapes and multi-colored decorations a few years ago. Just can’t seem to find the time to tackle the variety I used to. Guess that is why I love having family memembers who chip in their own designs 🙂 Enjoy cookie eating!!

  2. Dessert Impulse

    I love the decorations! Did you use buttercream and royal icing?

  3. Hi Carrie – a little late to your posts here (Christmas long past).. but I love the look of your cookies and I see you are using buttercream instead of royal icing.. Very cool..Would you be willing to share your recipe for buttercream? Your’s seems alot thinner than what I normally would use.. Thanks in advance.. and again.. very cool!!

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