Beer Pong Cookies

It was a friend’s birthday today and her mom wanted me to make her some special cookies. We were trying to think of the cookie to make for her, and it hit me what would be perfect. Last time we went camping, she stomped all the boys at beer pong! How awesome would beer pong cookies be?!

Well obviously there is no “beer pong cup” cookie cutter. I went through everything I had and nothing would work.. I was planning on making a stencil and cutting them out by hand, until I visited a couple bakery stores in my area and found a flip-flop cookie cutter:

Same basic shape as a cup, I just had to bend the left side out a bit and square up the top and bottom and I was ready to go…

I decided to outline the ball in black so that it would stand out well against the white of the inside of the cup.

I outlined the ridges…

I filled the red sections separately so that they would each “heap” separately and really show off the ridges that make it the “red cup.”

I filled in the balls white. The inside of the cups I added the tiniest amount of black possible, just to make it a slightly different color from the white of the ball.

Cookies were bagged and tied with ribbon…

…after I arranged a red cup beer pong set-up!

So the birthday girl lives in Chicago. Yeah, I’m in California… first attempt at shipping. We used LOTS of bubble wrap, and chose overnight FedEx.

…and….. not a single cookie broke! Every single one made it safely. And the birthday girl loved them!


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