Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Usually when I make something, I get little to none of it because I either make it for someone else, or I make it to share.. Well last night I felt like cookies. Did it matter that it was 10pm and I was out of sugar? Nope. I borrowed some from my parentals (who live very close-by) and I made cookies at 11pm.

I wanted chewy.. the cookies I have made before had good flavor and ingredients, but they were always harder than I prefer. Here is the recipe I used.  Apparently there is scientific evidence that makes these chewy cookies so good. And they really were. Although I think they are better after cooling completely (yes I had one for breakfast) than they did last night when they were warm.

Recipe says 10-13 min, and I definitely went the full 13 and they were still a little uncooked-ish in the middle, but letting them cool on the pan definitely helped them set. I used only about a cup of chocolate chips, I don’t like when they take over my cookie and I’m not the biggest chocolate fan. Oh and I used chopped walnuts, the recipe didn’t include nuts. I think next time I am going to add some oats, my mom’s cookies have oats and I love it…

I know chocolate chip cookies are a little boring compared to my other cookies, but this recipe is good so I wanted to share! Plus, what’s easier and quicker than homemade chocolate chip cookies?!


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