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Gingerbread House Decorating Party

Growing up, I got to decorate a gingerbread house ever single year. My grandmother spent hours and hours baking the house pieces so that my cousins, my brother, and I could enjoy the tradition. She made real gingerbread and real royal icing with egg whites. We took pictures with our houses every year and it’s so fun to flip through them all!

Now that I am grown up, I knew it was my turn to start my own tradition. I found Wilton gingerbread house cutters at Michaels. I baked chocolate cookies (my friends and I are not fans of actual gingerbread) and I made royal icing for the first time. We all brought lots of candy and went to town!

Here is my finished house:






Here are the houses my girlfriends made…

I just love the way Chelsea did her roof!


Michelle got so creative with her Santa and elves on one side, and a snowman on the other side.


Here is my brother’s girlfriends’ house. Her grinch is so cute!!


The chocolate cookies held up perfectly against the weight of the rest of the house plus all the frosting and candy.  And my first time making royal icing was a success, woo hoo! I do think I overbeat it, but it still hardened well and held up against the weight. Thanks everyone for the encouragement!


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Cosmo Cookies {Guest Post}

I am currently at the happiest place on earth! That’s right, Disneyland!

Since cookies and treats are out of question for me while I am away, I have asked my friend Kendra of Royal Cookie Designs to guest post for me. I am so excited that she agreed to do so! Take it away, Kendra!

 I’m excited to be writing my first guest post! This one is for my new friend Carrie from Carrie’s Creations. She’s so incredibly creative and talented. I didn’t know what to showcase because quite frankly…she’s done it all…and done it amazingly to boot! After days of brainstorming I decided to just do what I do best…cookies. I had a last minute cookie order and decided to take Carrie and her fellow bloggers along for the ride. Here we go!

A friend of mine called and wanted cookies for his mother’s 70th birthday. It was going to be a small, informal get together of mostly family and he wanted cookies for favors.  I don’t know what it is lately, but it seems everyone is coming to me with an open invitation for designs. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi Mark! Heard you’re looking for some cookies for your Mom’s birthday. What were you thinking?

Friend: Oh I don’t know…you’re the expert, whatever you decide J (yes…I’m positive he was smiling at this point of our conversation even though I couldn’t see him)

Me: What does she like? Does she have any hobbies? For instance, does she like dogs or flowers or…

Friend: Yes! She likes dogs and flowers.

Me: HA OK then I’ll think up something to go with that.

Friend: Wait! Jules (amazing wife that he has!) has a suggestion. She says Mom really likes martinis. What about martini cookies?

Me: Oh how fun!! What does she like…vodka martinis or flavored martinis?

Friend: She’s really into the cosmo martinis right now.

Me: Perfect! That will be really really cute and fun to make!

And so we settled on a cosmo martini cookie. I couldn’t wait to get off the phone and think up what color pink to do and Google what garnish was served with a cosmopolitan! So excited that it didn’t register until a few hours later that I had NO MARTINI COOKIE CUTTER! DOH! 

What to do? What to do? I shooed my hubby and two kids upstairs so I could compose an email (for anyone with a 2 year old you understand why this couldn’t be done with them around!). I sent out an APB for a martini cookie cutter to almost everyone I knew in the area.  Can you believe no one had one?? I had one friend with a margarita cutter but it would have been more manipulation than I was ready for.

So…I decided to go it alone. Manually making my martini cookies. First…I drew out a circle about the size of cookie I wanted. Then I sketched the shape and outlined in marker the final shape lines.


My hubby then cut it out of the paper and traced it onto cardstock using a straight edge to get the lines nice and perfect. He’s an engineer…this is where he really shines J


Once the template was created I started rolling out the dough and cutting out the martini glasses using a knife. I thought this would take longer than it did but it seemed to go quickly. Happy it was only 2 dozen!


Baked ‘em up and then let them sit overnight to cool. Next stop…icing town!

 Decided I’d outline the entire cookie to give the glass an “edge”. Then filled in the glass and pink “adult juice” hehe For the pink I used 2 parts tulip red, 2 parts fuchsia, and 1 part soft pink (all Americolor gels).


After drying I then went back and added some glass shine (light sky blue) and a green lime twist. At the last minute I decided to add a little sanding sugar to the rim…I mean why not more sugar right!?!


Packaged them up and sent them to work with my hubby for delivery.  This was a super fun project despite the initial shock that I was attempting a shaped cookie without a cutter. Now I know it IS possible and I won’t be as nervous the next time I find myself caught up in the excitement without my level head 😉


Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed my story…now I need a drink 😉

I absolutely love these!! I love the pink, I love the sugar rim, I love the blue glass shine, I love the lime twist! I honestly have never tried a Cosmo.. not sure why, I love all the ingredients. I think I shall try one very soon.. like maybe at dinner tonight…

If you haven’t seen Kendra’s work before, go check out her site and her blog. She is just so sweet and makes gorgeous cookies and cakes! Last month she made this cake for me for my bloggy birthday. Sweetest thing ever! Thanks again Kendra!


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