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Non-Edible Deliciousness (Again)

I am in LOVE with dessert jewelry pieces I see on Etsy.. How cute are these:

I found these in SweetCherryDesigns1‘s store. I also love the “fruit salad” items.

Oh and these just make my mouth water…

These are from KawaiiCulture‘s shop. I love everything she makes. The animal crackers are adorable, and the tomato and avocados are perfect!

I have never made macaroons, but they facinate me and I may have to try them sometime soon. I love that they can be made in basically any color. And I love this:

This is from the Etsy store of SillyChic. The sandwiches and banana are awesome and so realistic looking!

Okay that’s enough of that for now. I am in love with food jewelry! One of these days I am going to have to break down and buy myself something. 🙂


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Non-Edible Deliciousness

omg I want these!! they are so realistic looking I want to eat them!


that’s all. ❤

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