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Fun & Easy No-Icing Sugar Cookies

Anyone can do these.


You don’t need a rolling pin, cookie cutters, or any fancy tools or whatever.

I just have one request. Make the dough from scratch.

This is the recipe I use. It makes a huge difference! Now that I found such a good and easy sugar cookie recipe, I will not ever make cookies from a bag or tube again.

I am addicted to sprinkles. I just cannot help myself when I see an awesome color combination, or a shape or something that I haven’t see before. I have to buy it. I have a lot of sprinkles. These were fun cuz I got to use a bunch of different kind of sprinkles too.. and they all came out so pretty!

I actually made these because I had a ton of leftover dough, didn’t want to spend a ton of time rolling stuff out that I would not have time to frost for a while,, and because a friend of mine can’t have dairy right now and she wanted some cookies! (My icing uses milk.)

I just rolled out the dough like a fat snake (you remember this from play-doh, right?), then cut ever inch or so to make 1″ – 1 1/2″ chunks. Roll the chunks into balls, then smash flat to make a little disc. Put your sprinkles on a plate and press the little dough disc on top of the sprinkles. Place the sprinkled discs about an inch apart on cookie sheets and bake at 350 for 10 min. (The sugar cookie recipe I use does not spread. If you use a different recipe you might want to place them further apart.)

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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Usually when I make something, I get little to none of it because I either make it for someone else, or I make it to share.. Well last night I felt like cookies. Did it matter that it was 10pm and I was out of sugar? Nope. I borrowed some from my parentals (who live very close-by) and I made cookies at 11pm.

I wanted chewy.. the cookies I have made before had good flavor and ingredients, but they were always harder than I prefer. Here is the recipe I used.  Apparently there is scientific evidence that makes these chewy cookies so good. And they really were. Although I think they are better after cooling completely (yes I had one for breakfast) than they did last night when they were warm.

Recipe says 10-13 min, and I definitely went the full 13 and they were still a little uncooked-ish in the middle, but letting them cool on the pan definitely helped them set. I used only about a cup of chocolate chips, I don’t like when they take over my cookie and I’m not the biggest chocolate fan. Oh and I used chopped walnuts, the recipe didn’t include nuts. I think next time I am going to add some oats, my mom’s cookies have oats and I love it…

I know chocolate chip cookies are a little boring compared to my other cookies, but this recipe is good so I wanted to share! Plus, what’s easier and quicker than homemade chocolate chip cookies?!

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