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Cake in a Jar

My little brother and a good friend of mine graduated college this weekend. My friend asked for cake, and I had been dying to make these jar cakes ever since someone told me about them. I thought it was the perfect time to make a little personal cake for a couple of people!

School colors are (dark) green and gold (yellow-gold, really) so I decided to do green cake and golden-yellow buttercream. I couldn’t get my green very dark with the colors I had. I was too scared to try to add black or something.

I filled the jars about 2/3 the way up, and the cake actually puffed out way more than I was expecting.. good 2 inches above the rim of the jar. One of them actually spewed down the side of the jar. I had read that this might happen a little, and so I just scooped the top off to make room for the frosting.

I wasn’t really happy with how these turned out. They browned from baking and pulled away from the side of the jar a lot. Not pretty looking, but at least they will taste delicious.

I had enough batter left to do 2 more jars, so I picked my favorite colors and was going to do layers…

It just turned into 2 layers really, and kind of boring. Oh well. They looked cool from the top:

But I covered them with buttercream of course!

After the buttercream hardened up a bit I put the lids on. They looked pretty ugly so I added cute little bows.


At least they will look pretty once the lid is taken off!


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